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ANATOMY OF A YOGI – Negative (Protective) Mind Gives Form


| Chapter 16 | Pages 200 & 201

Yogic Anatomy – The Ten Bodies

For the most part human beings identify with their physical body, and think of themselves in physical terms – or perhaps at best, as a physical body and mind. The truth is that the human being is made up of 10 bodies: the physical body, three mental bodies, and six energy bodies.

Aquarian teacher yogi bhajan1st    Soul Body
2nd   Negative (Protective) Mind
3rd    Positive (Expansive) Mind
4th    Neutral (Meditative) Mind
5th    Physical Body
6th    Arcline
7th    Aura
8th    Pranic Body
9th    Subtle Body
10th  Radiant Body
11th  Embodiment (Parallel Unisonness)

The 10 bodies are powerful capacities of the psyche. Each body has specific gifts that manifest when strong, and certain deficit tendencies that surface when week. Your caliber is determined by the balance of your 10 bodies. You can strengthen any of the 10 bodies by developing an ability to identify which body is out of balance, and then practicing the appropriate technology to strengthen that body.

The root of all disease exist first in one of these spiritual or energy bodies before it manifest outwardly into the physical body. Therefore by strengthening and balancing the 10 bodies, we can make ourselves healthier, happier and more whole human beings. You can actually become Holy by doing this work.

balanced bodies


Soul Body

“Heart over Head” | Humility, Creativity

Is my life a creative flow from my soul’s purpose?  Do I come from the heart?

The first body is your Soul Body.  It connects you to your inner infinity. It is the experience of the flow of spirit within yourself. When your Soul Body is strong, you live by your heart instead of your head, your creativity flows in a simple, pure way. When you master your Soul Body, you come from a place of great humility and creativity. You are so linked with your own infinity that you can relax into the flow of God energy and use it to create beauty in your life. Your soul is the individual expression of spirit; it contains the basic nuclear energy of you, your foundational Self.

If your first body is weak, you may come from your head instead of your heart. You may feel stuck, not able to access your purpose and creative flow of life.

Key to Balancing:  Raise the Kundalini. Open the heart.

ten bodies


Negative (Protective) Mind

“Longing to Belong” | Containment, Obedience

Can I determine if there is danger in a situation?  What do I need to consider?

The Negative Mind helps to give creativity to your Soul Body with the gifts of containment, form, and discernment.  It instills in you a longing to belong, which in its highest expression drives you to connect very deeply with your own God Self. It gives you patience to be obedient to your own inner guidance.

If your Negative Mind is under developed, your longing to belong can cause you to get into inappropriate, self-destructive relationships because you are over–influenced by others: you aren’t contained enough in your own center.

Key to Balancing: Value your discipline. Develop conscious relationships of integrity. If Negative Mind is over developed, strengthen the Positive Mind. 

negative mind

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