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PUBLICITY STUNT OR CAREER MOVE? How I Became an Accidental Terrorist

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Artist as Media Terrorist

Why did the last Brussels media terrorist blow up innocent civilians in a sleazy desperate last grab for mommy and daddy’s attention? The latest Belgian suicide bomber said in his note that he was stressed out. Okay so why didn’t he just have the decency to hang himself in privacy? Because suicide bombers are using the fake media reality for their fake momentum in a fake world.

Authorities also found a laptop belonging to Ibrahim El Bakraoui, inside a waste containernear the house.[65] The laptop had a suicide note stored on it, in which Ibrahim stated that he was “stressed out”, felt unsafe, and was “afraid of ever-lasting eternity”.[66] It also contained images of the home and the office of the Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, among information on multiple other locations in Brussels.[67]

Axl Rose Media Terrorist

Those lucky little rock band media terrorists Guns N Roses created movement and momentum by skilfully creating something from nothing. GNR are not the Beatles, however GNR did take their thing farther than most rock bands and GNR pulled it off because Axl Rose is a skilled media terrorist. Good work boys.

Bogger as Media Terrorist

Good art gets a good reaction. The purpose of blogging is to present your idiosyncratic views and opinions to the world. The purpose of this blog is to develop myself and my writing ability while learning about WordPress.

This website started out as a yellow pages style advertisement for legal typing services in 2008. The original WordPress database was crashed by GoDaddy in early 2015. Now this is where I have be reborn as an accidental media terrorist. The key to success is posting nude photos of yourself on the Internet. Everybody does it and that means that you should to. What are you hiding?

A Media Terrorist Exposes The Lie of Homosexuality

Homosexuality does not really exist. There is no good and evil and there is no straight or gay. Gay is just a diversion from mature sexuality. A desert. Heterosexualityis the dinner and homosexualityis the dessert. You need someone like me to explain this to you. I get off on sex with men. I get sexi with man. I understand sex with me. Today many men make the distinction of simply self-identifying as a man who has sex with other men. Gay is a political lifestyle and commercial brand just like rock and roll. Don’t limit yourself by locking yourself in and getting the hilarious word “gay” or a rainbow tattoo on your neck. Self-identify as pure consciousness and tattoo that on the back of your hand so that you will remember God instead of sex.


By Dean McAdams has been blogging in WordPress since 2008.