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Protesters, Terrorists and the All American Web Content Creator Opportunity

This graphic is from international rock star web content creator


A Web Content Creator is an Artist Exposing His Consciousness


Self-Expression is at the pinnacle of Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of human needs. ┬áMany artists are really web content creators. Some web creators are just more professional at it. Take Mr. John Antonios for example. This man is an international rock star web content creator. I will be spending a lot of time today analyzing his site and his incredible infographic resume. Infographic needs to become my new buzzword. Infographic needs to become one of my tags and key words.


A Web Content Creator Must Evolve


The medium is to mediate. Conduct. Communicate. Demonstrate. All communications begin and end with the word. Written word. Imaged word. Videographed and filmed word. Is this blog self-expression or professional content? This blog is both, a hybrid between personal expression and a marketing platform for my services as a freelance blogger. My skills are suitable for clients who need a copy writer to extract, express and exude a branding personality. Personality is in the eye of the beholder and I am able to bestow that upon your product or service. Keeping up-to-date with technology is the supreme tool of the modern multimedia mass communications content provider.

Sitting across the table from my clients they always say things like: “Dean, you don’t do this for the money, you do this because you love it.” ┬áDo you want to know the secret of never working another day in your life? The answer is to do what you would be doing if were not getting paid for it. I would be expressing myself with a guitar or with this blog no matter what. I don’t get paid to write this particular blog and I never got paid to play guitar. I played guitar because I was able to express myself in that place and time.

Now I use web content creation to express myself. Writing these articles to brand has made a real writer out of me. I was a lousy writer a few years ago. I was really mediocre. One of the main things I did to improve my facility with the written word was to write shorter sentences. I started taking my own sentences and chopping them up in half or into thirds. It worked wonders on my Flesch reading ease score. Thanks to the Yoast SEO plug in on my WordPress site my writing has become simpler and clearer.

When I was a young songwriter I reached a higher level of expression when my technique became more simple and clear. Same thing here and now with my writing. My writing has reached a higher level of expression by becoming more simple and clear. I now say exactly what I mean. Directly. No hinting or assuming the reader knows what I am talking about. Never assume the reader knows what you are talking about. Raise your own talking points and briefly talk about them. A good web content creator presents a self-contained world for the reader to fully engage and interact with.

Terrorists and protesters generate media food content for bloggers to extract, express and exude. The same media generosity comes from master propagandists like Donald Trump. Donald Trumpet gives everybody something to talk about. Donald Trumpet creates billions of terabytes of world media content. Donald Trumpet is media content personified. Just thinking of Donald Trumpet reminds me to turn on CNN with the audio off to create my little info freako office in the desert.