Year of the Monkey Pox-Find a Secluded Beach and Meditate

The Body IS The Mind Community Advisory: STAY HOME FOR ANOTHER YEAR

I was right about Covid in March of 2020 and I am saying the same thing about the dual Monkey Pox/Covid pandemic of July 17, 2022. Time to mask up and avoid large public gatherings. The Body IS The Mind Community advises everyone to stay home until at least 2023. The ultimate goal of liberation is to simply meditate anyway. Be safe. Listen to your body tonight, it’s gonna treat you right.

The Body Keeps The Score: DEAN MEANS LEADER

I can feel you so-called ‘radical’ body workers out there reaching out to the higher consciousness community. I forgive you but I would never let you lead me in a process group again. Your email invitations for meet-ups at Venice Beach for Tarot card readings are interesting but questionable as to location, timing and your competency to lead such affairs. Your invite says the only requirement is to bring food to share. I don’t want to share food on the beach with Tarot card readers. I want to facilitate your recover from childhood trauma. I would never attend another one of your events again unless I was a co-facilitator.


At one time you had rock stars in your midst but you threw it all away. The only way you will ever see me at one of your shindigs is if you send me a personal email inviting me to co-create with you. As you can see, with or without you or anyone else I am creating The Body IS The Mind as a digital community. When the world does open back up again I will be primed to expand into enhancing engagement across digital, social and experiential platforms. The people need a leader. The name ‘Dean’ means ‘leader’. Dean of students.

People in their twenties attend your events because they want to meet-up, hook-up, and partner-up. The last time I was at one of your community meetings you couldn’t give your brand away. Fat assed Patty Hamon Rye couldn’t even get anyone to work with her. Your student Michael confessed that he just got busted for solicitation of prostitution and the little girls were screaming to get fucked. You and Fatty were too incompetent to process any of that tremendous energy.

You need a man to work with you to model masculine-feminine energy balance and connection. You burned out the tall, good looking Core Energetics men around you, so now you are stuck with me. Pretty piper picking a peck of pickled partners could do it with me by her side. Those kids at your meet-ups were clamoring for sex gurus to guide them.

Why doesn’t anyone stay with you for very long? Because you are not a partnering person and I think other people can perceive that in you as well. I would pour my energy into you and pop your dharma into alignment. As don Miguel might say it, “I should throw you on the ground and fuck you right here.” It’s time to lubricate your dry old pussy and give the people what they want. You were all risk and no reward when I was nice to you and so now I may as well fuck with you.

Is your voice really that low or are you doing an Elizabeth Holms fake voice number on the world? I saw your most recent videos and your voice sounded brittle and warbly. Do you have a quiver in your voice like that other redhead Jim Carrol did?

Venice works great when you are a bohemian

As a Los Angeles native, to me Venice is like Times Square is to a native New Yorker, you do not go there unless you have a really good reason. Broadway shows and Beyond Baroque are excellent reasons to go to crowded tourist centers. Don’t get me wrong, I love tourists coming here to spend money. Venice Boulevard is being repaved as I write these words! Leave your money in the city coffers but please don’t move here. As we used to say in Malibu, “Surfing sucks, don’t try it!”

Venice was fine when I was a 27 year-old drunk with a guitar and a half-written screenplay in hand. My film school partner lived in Venice and we used to eat at health food restaurants on the boardwalk regularly. Bukowski worked at the Post Office. The Venice Boardwalk is an iconic emblem of L.A. that everyone should experience. Been there, done that.

STAYIN’ ALIVE: Private works best for me these days

Now I am a healthy old man and I don’t want to connect with you in the public freak show. I only go to the beach early weekday mornings when there is hardly anyone else there. Venice Beach will be a virus superspreader and so I hope that you are thinking of cancelling your little soiree due to the dual Covid-Monkey Pox pandemics. I want to vibrate my energy to you in a safer environment. Let’s expand together into formless, timeless love.

Come at them with love

Didn’t Dr. Perriakas teach you to come at them with love? In 2010 when you had your studio and high quality students you were almost half-way to the top. Now you are The Scorpion Ghost. A big fat ugly frog gave you a ride on his back from New York to Santa Monica. Then you stung him because that is your nature. Now Shrek the Frog is dead and so are you. You contracted when you should have expanded.

the body is the mind

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.