The Jeff Cowan Crime Problem.

The Jeff Cowan problem? Level 1 registered gay sex offender Jeff Cowan is a one man crime wave. It is amazing that a 70 year-old accountant has the energy to engage in a life of degenerate theft, fighting, harassment by communication, fighting, and indecently exposing himself in an offensive manner.

Jeff Cowan, CPA, was arrested on 8-7-2021 on five Mojave County, Arizona active warrants issued while he was in the Riverside County, California Jail! On August 3rd he was released from jail in California and on August 7th he went right back to jail in Arizona. And what is the 7/14/2021 entry for FRAUD-IMPERSONATION? Jeff was in jail on 7/14/2021.

jeff cowan arrested 8-7-2021

This is he classic definition of a career criminal. And for what? Did he do it for money? Did he do it for drugs? Was he under the influence of alcohol? None of the above. The Jeff Cowan problem is that he was arrested and went back to jail simply for being a dumb asshole! He provoked the Lake Havasu Police Department on Facebook and on YouTube at City Council meetings and the cops paid Jeff back. I LOVE THE LAKE HAVASU CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT!

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Active Warrants were issued in Mojave while Cowan was rotting in the Riverside County Jail

While he was locked-up in Riverside, Jeff Cowan had five active warrants issued against him in Mojave County, Arizona! I had a feeling something was up when he didn’t go right back to posting on Facebook when he was released from jail. He probably went to the Mojave County Sheriff’s Office for his sex offender registration and got himself arrested right then and there on his outstanding warrants. It’s like I postulated in yesterday’s inmate locator blog. Now that Jeff is a registered sex offender on probation, he will never be able to dig himself out of the hole that he is in.

The Lake Havasu City Police do not list Jeff’s warrants

Although Jeffrey Cowan’s active warrants are issued for the Lake Havasu City Municipal Court (LHC), the are not listed on the Lake Havasu City Police Department website.

Jeff’s warrants are only listed with Mojave County
jeff cowan active warrants
Jeff is too mentally ill to understand how much trouble he is in

Jeffrey Cowan’s problem is that he thinks he knows everything when he obviously does not. When he stole my car in 2017, I knew that his bad karma would all catch up to him someday. Now that day has arrived. You only ever reap exactly what you sow in this life. I could almost feel bad for Jeff if not for all the trouble that he caused me. Same thing with John Herriot.

I never wanted to ruin John Herriot’s life but he gave me no choice

When John Herriot started misrepresenting that there was a restraining order against me I simply Googled his name and found out that he was a registered child sex trafficker. When I informed Camp Shalom Malibu that they were renting out their facility to a registered sex offender they did nothing. Then Camp Shalom burned down. What goes around comes around.

When people have wronged me I have seen each and everyone of them go down in flames. I am always vindicated because I am trying really hard to live a good life. I could almost feel bad that Jeff Cowan is in so much trouble but it serves him right. What goes around comes around.

law of attraction or karma

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.