During meditation, the practice of oneness with God comes before the practice of breathing

The purpose of meditation is to practice the presence of God.

Master meditation teacher Joel S. Goldsmith is the link between Buddhism and Christ consciousness. Buddha consciousness and Christ consciousness are one and the same. There is no “God” in Buddhism. The attainment of enlightenment or Buddha mind, is the attainment of the awareness of oneness with the universe (God). The attainment of Christ mind is the awareness of oneness with God (Universe). There are not three different things; Christ consciousness, Buddha mind and God. There is only one thing in the universe and that is God. There is not you meditating about God. There is only God meditating. The purpose of meditation is to attain the enlightened awareness that you are God. You are God and God is you. God is the universe and you are the universe. So get to it!

Listening to Goldsmith tapes on YouTube can lead to your experience of oneness with God. It did for me and it can do it for you. The purpose my meditation is to abide in Christ consciousness and the self-realization that you and I are both God. You are not your spiritual treatment of your defects, you are God demonstrated. There is no such thing as you meditating about God. You are not just connected to God, you are God perfectly demonstrated!

Shall we count our breath while we meditate? No.

Practicing The Presence of God always comes before the practice of meditation.

Beginning meditation teachers often suggest that students should begin their meditation with some breathing exercises or counting of the breath before or during meditation. If you are counting your breath you are not practicing meditation you are practicing arithmetic. The purpose of meditation is to practice the presence of God, not the practice of mathematical breathing.

Your spirituality will govern your breathing

You should always be centered in God and not your breathing, how your day went, or what your health or financial problems are. When you become one with God your breathing will slow down by itself. We want something more than just quiet breathing when we are meditating. Sleeping people are quiet when they breath. Unconscious people are quiet. But we must have a spiritual alertness. When we realize that we are God our health and wealth will take care of themselves. All that the Father hath is mine.

So just forget about your breath and your breathing when you meditate. If you succeed in meditating your breath will adjust itself to your meditation. you do not have to adjust your breathing. Your breathing will adjust itself, or rather your meditation will adjust your breathing. When you find you are in a real meditation your breathing slows down to such an extent that you can hardly tell that you are breathing but that your spirituality is governing your breathing. God will govern your breathing because you are God.

Breath is a synonym for Spirit or God

Breath is used in the scriptures very often as a synonym for the spirit or presence of God. The breath of the Almighty gives us peace and rest. The spirit of God is upon me and also upon my breath. In our experience the breath has much to do with the oneness of life and is used in mystical writings as having to do with the relationship with God and man.