Eric Wagner refused to be vaccinated now he’s dead at 62

According to Wikipedia: Being opposed to institutionalized medicine, Wagner refused to be vaccinated. His doom metal career seemed to be actually taking off. Singer Eric Wagner was carving out a niche for himself in this insular sub-genre of hard core metal. He was on a roll. When he got sick with COVID-19 he soldiered-on to finish his solo album before he died. Now he is dead at age 62. His completed solo album is to be released posthumously. Could Mr. Wagner’s swan song perhaps turn his fans around who refused to be vaccinated? How many millions of unvaccinated people must die before the anti-vaxxers come to their senses?

eric wagner refused to be vaccinated

Must a Billion Souls Die Unvaccinated?

Perhaps the only way that we are going to see the full fury of COVID-19 is after a few hundred million unvaccinated people perish. The planet was in peril prior to the pandemic. Our ice cubes are melting and our forests are burning. The last thing we need is an abundance of stupid people breathing in and out. Maybe the unvaccinated are all supposed to die of COVID-19.

Most people who have alcoholism are supposed to die of alcoholism. Along that same reasoning, what if unvaccinated people are supposed to die of COVID-19? Maybe those of us who choose vaccination and masks just need to accept the fact that we are going to witness a mass die off on this over-crowded planet.

Maybe if COVID-19 eliminates a billion or so people that would be a really good thing for Planet Earth. The millions of dead anti-vaxxers may have beneficial Darwinian effects upon the human genome. Masks and vaccinations for survival of the fittest.

marc bernier refused to be vaccinated

Conservative radio host “Mr. Anti-Vaxxer” dead from COVID-19 at 65

Florida talk radio host Marc Bernier called himself “Mr. Anti-Vaxxer” and was highly outspoken that the COVID-19 virus even existed. Marc Bernier labeled COVID-19 a hoax and conspiracy. Now he is dead from COVID-19 at age 65.

Death Cults

Just like Mr. Wagner, Mr. Bernier’s media career was really taking off. It is important to have a niche audience of believers to hustle your pitch to. I noticed that with my Facebook friend and conspiracy theorist Marcus Dalton. Just being part of the anti-conspiracy conspiracy is part of the attraction. Little groups of conspiracy peddling eccentrics beefing up each other’s ego’s for creating conspiracy theories. Some people are sports fans, music fans, outdoor fans, and some people are conspiracy theory fans. Bantering their conspiracy theories about in elitist self-satisfaction that only they can see the truth.

Being an anti-vaxxer gives you something to sing about

Being anti-vaccination is a self-identity that is easy to wear, easy to advertise. Being an anti-vaxxer becomes your song. Creating yourself as a conspiracy theorist gives you something to sing about on Facebook. I’m a Q-Anon singer with a smoke and a mic.

eric wagner refused to be vaccinated

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.