Yes I am Still Alive Mr. Thomey – Here is Your Obituary

Unlawful Behavior

This website no longer provides legal services but that isn’t going to stop a crazy old coot named James Thomey from requesting me to prepare a summons and complaint for an unlawful detainer.  Mr. Thomey is attempting to emotionally provoke me into unwanted and unlawful behavior.  On the Friday after Thanksgiving, Mr. Thomey called me from his residence at 8118 W. 83rd Street in Playa del Rey even though I have asked him not to.  Although it was a national holiday Mr. James Thomey took the time and trouble to insult me and make subtle death threats.  The purpose of this blog is to inform Mr. James Thomey that I am still alive and I intend to fill his inbox with negative reviews.  In response to your inflammatory remarks, I am still alive sir, I just don’t play in Playa anymore because I am hooked-up in Hermosa these days.  James Thomey must be part of the Randy Mendelsohn matrix.  Please do not contact me for any type of services because no services are offered by me or this website.

Paralegal Notice

Dean McAdams neither offers nor provides any type of services for public consumption.  If you want to attract my attention please try doing something positive with your time and energy.  I will be paying attention.  If you are worthy of further investigation you will know it.  Mr. Thomey’s orbit is six degrees from John Herriot and I am bored with homosexuality therefore I will not be pursuing your malicious machinations. 

Child of God

Do you want to know how to become a child of God?  Are you sitting down and holding on to your seats?  The way to become a Child of God is to love your enemy.  The way to become a Child of God is to accept everything that happens to you by learning the lesson in everything that happens to you. 


Every morning for breakfast I eat a quarter cup of Irish steel cut oat meal, three hard boiled eggs and half a grapefruit.  Today I will lovingly eat Mr. Thomey’s lunch for him.  The most important thing about having a blog is to blog every day so that you can encourage people not to engage in unlawful behavior. 

celebrity yoga


Thank God I paid personal trainer Tony Allegre at the Bay Club to teach me how to work out without a gym.  Thank God I no longer need to take yoga classes.  Thank God I sowed my wild oats in my youth so that I can relish the golden silence of my blissful solitude.