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Your Thrifty Brand Is In Crisis

Thrift Store Fashion On Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, California

Why is everyone making squid lips in their portraits these days? Look at Astrid sitting in the dirt in her thrift store outfit making her trendy squid lips for the camera. I hope the camera lens doesn’t break from the pressure of those lips pressed together.

Everywhere I look I see pursed and puckered squid lips pretending to be kissable. Squid lips make me nervous. The current zeitgeist makes me want to tell squid lipped AA women: “Please do not walk up and hug me while wearing your thrift store sobriety.”

Melrose Used Book Store

Where did you get your sobriety, from a rummage sale? Or did you pass by a Melrose Avenue thrift store on your way to the Primetime AA Meeting in West Hollywood, California? In the digital age it is possible to dress yourself inside and out with high quality sobriety at really good Primetime Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings. However in a free venue such as the local AA meeting, quality control becomes very important. So be very careful that you do not catch a case of rat brain thinking from somebody yawning from the podium at an AA meeting.

rat brain thinking

Thrift Store Consciousness

Many people from my generation are still lost in their thrift store consciousness. Hippie chicks and elderly homosexuals trained me in the art of so-called “thrifting”. This second hand thrifting is okay when you are buying a $280.00 pair of Versace jeans for only $80.00 at a really cool thrift store like Revivals in Palm Springs, California. However the thrift store should never be incorporated into your personal branding as a holistic lifestyle. The solution is to throw yesterday’s thrift store consciousness into the trash can. Every morning you can spiritually transform yourself into new character by meditating into the infinite. And you can get some new clothes on Amazon Primetime.

rat brain alcoholic

Primetime Sobriety at Thrift Store Prices

One of the transformational highlights of my life was attending K.C. Pierson Primetime AA Meetings during the years 2004 through 2007. One Sunday evening I was standing on the corner of Oxnard & Laurel Canyon across the street from the Spirit of Studio 12 when Astrid marched up and appointed herself as my AA sponsor. Astrid thought that I was rich, available, and living in Malibu and none of that was true. I drove from Agoura Hills to North Hollywood twice a week for the high quality Primetime workshops from K.C. Pierson and a miracle happened. I was finally able to find a way to spiritually treat my advanced case of alcoholism and related emotional disorders.

Surrogate AA Mother

My mother had just passed away from cancer and I was a lost and lonely 47 year-old child desperate for attention. Astrid spoon fed me Bob Anderson for two and a half years. We listened to recovery tapes & cd’s and went to lots of meetings. However Astrid became so overbearing that I had to end our sponsor-sponsee relationship. I have six months more sober time that Astrid does and our relationship became a ridiculous rat fest. Once a rock star said that Astrid and I acted like an old married couple. I never touched the bitch. Honest, you gotta believe me . . .

thrift store sobriety
Everybody Wants to Talk In AA

Everybody wants to talk in AA so for my last few years of regular attendance I just sat and listened. It is important to be able to see myself in everyone at the AA meeting. However after fifteen years of meetings it becomes laborious to drive across L.A. to actually attend a meeting of Primetime AA. It is wrong for me to go to AA for purely social gratification. Church is for social fulfillment. The purpose of going to an AA Meeting is to find God. The purpose of staying at an AA Meeting is to demonstrate God Consciousness. The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate a path to God Consciousness. So ask yourself a question, are you demonstrating Spiritual Consciousness or are you demonstrating Melrose Avenue thrift store consciousness?

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