Myasthenia Gravis Is Liberation From The Manual Labor of Talking

Surgical Removal of the Thymus Gland is a Treatment Not a Cure For Myasthenia Gravis

Surgically removing the thymus gland does not reverse or cure the symptoms of Myasthenia gravis. However a thymectomy may help treat MG. As soon as my MRI approval letter arrives from my primary payor I will make an appointment for a diagnostic imaging of my thymus gland.

Living With Myasthenia Gravis Means Liberation From Talking

Now I know why I have been having difficulty speaking. Nothing is wrong with my brain the problem is in the connection between my brain and muscles. MG is a muscular dystrophy similar to what the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking had. If I want to keep talking then someday I would have to use a machine to talk just like Mr. Hawking did. I think that before that happens I will just stop talking. Maybe I will stop talking long before that. Perhaps I will begin practicing not talking and only blogging. I keep saying that I am going to do that. This Myathenia gravis disease is my true and perfect dharma.

MG is the Yogi Disease

Myasthenia gravis is very yogic in that I am talking to people less and less already. Why bother telling people that I have a neuromuscular disease that makes it difficult to speak to them? Maybe I will just stop talking and wait for them to bring it up. I will let my silence do the talking. If anyone talks to me then I will explain to them with perfect enunciation what is going on.

Speaking Properly is Work

When pronounced perfectly the English language sounds a lot like the mother tongue of German. Proper English sounds more clipped and guttural than lazy tongued American English. All talking is manual labor to me these days. I have stopped repeating myself to my elderly dinner companions. If old people want to hear me they will have to learn to listen just like I have learned to listen. I am the only person listening and now I am going to be shutting up. Huh?