tithe to thrive

This blog is my tithe to the universe.

Because I was born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, California, I knew that I had to have a ticket out. So I diligently studied the secrets of the ancient grifters and it worked. I was able refine and elevate myself enough to finally escape Tujunga when I was forty-seven years old. As a token of my gratitude, this blog is my tithe to the universe. This is where I try and pay a little back and pay a little forward.

Volunteer Crime Fighter

It is important to discover one’s calling in the world wide web of volunteerism. Anyone can write a check and give money. Many good people donate their old clothes at the Goodwill dropbox. But what really matters is getting down and dirty with the people who really need it. Some Brothers serve the homeless winos at the Midnight Mission on Thanksgiving. Other Brothers volunteer in different ways. I like to think of myself as a volunteer crime fighter helping to protect the public with these blogs. These blogs are also to protect myself and that is how my whole volunteer crime fighting career began.

Follow your bliss

Joseph Campbell said to follow your bliss and so that is what I did with my life. I didn’t make a ton of money in life because that was not my journey. It was important for me to discover and uncover the secrets of life. After decades of hard work I believe that I have in fact accomplished that goal. By reading, seeking, joining and practicing the secrets of the universe I have transformed myself from a backwoods hillbilly from Tujunga into something entirely different. Today I am a blissful blogger tithing to the universe with volunteer crime reporting. One of the great secrets in life is tithing. Tithing is like pruning a tree, it must be done somehow. A human being must prune way his fat so that fresh new muscle can grow.

tithe to the universe
Photo credit: Bayu Prayuda/Unsplash
Sunday Sermon

This Sunday Sermon is my tithe to the universe. It is inspired by my close call with a traffic accident on Friday morning. Because I am a retired senior citizen driving a minivan with a huge gas guzzling engine, I no longer jack rabbit into the holes in traffic rush hour traffic. The bad news is that other people do. Friday morning I was severely wronged and escaped a possible accident potentially caused by someone dangerously cutting in front of me. It is my feeling that I escaped this calamity because I am writing these anti-crime blogs keeping criminals in place. In other words, I am protected from violence by my good karma.

Drive Like Los Angeles

From now on I resolve to drive like I am a true type “A” not a retired senior citizen. It will actually be safer for me to race up to the green lights like everybody else instead of holding back and having greedy drivers jack themselves in front of me.

These blogs all prove therapeutic in one way or another. The universe is paying me back for my volunteer crime reporting on CMEN members like Darrell Wayne Sharp and John Herriot.

cmen west coast gathering darrell wayne sharp
Mugshot of Darrell Sharp, partner of John Herriot


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.