Cigarettes Almost Killed Me

Tobacco Should Be Illegal

Tobacco cigarettes killed my father and they almost killed me. The last time I smoked tobacco I ended up in the hospital having stents installed into my heart. My father’s father (my grandfather) quit smoking upon doctor’s orders and grandpa lived to be 99 years old. My dad died at 79 because he refused to quit smoking. It’s a good thing I’m not suicidal because if I wanted to kill myself all I would have to do is smoke some tobacco.


Do people decorate more for Halloween than Christmas? It seems like our culture devotes more energy to horror than love and peace. However I will wait for a one-year cycle to pass before I decide if my new community celebrates Christmas as much as the Halloween decorations I currently see all around me. Personally I am not that into Halloween however I love Fall and Thanksgiving. I try not to let the monster of mass media eat too many of my brain cells.

tobacco eats your brain

Dream Enhancement

Did you know that nicotine gum greatly enhances the quantity and quality of your dreams at night? Don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Sometimes I even sleep all night with my nicotine gum parked inside my mouth because of the spectacular dreams it produces. I am a sleep advocate. You are only as healthy as your last nights dreams.


One of the greatest feelings in the world for a man is to wake up with an erection after a nice long REM cycle of sleep. Rapid Eye Movement is what happens when you are dreaming. When you dream your eyes are closed and your eyeballs are moving back and forth. Try closing your eyes and moving your eyeballs back and forth like Stevie Wonder without his sunglasses. When you are a sleep advocate like me you become an expert in dream enhancement.

smoking tobacco kills