This blog is all I have

My tortured nomadic soul is weary.

This blog is the only way that my tortured soul can communicate with you. You messed me up with my bookkeeping by cashing my January check. When I wrote that check, you knew that I would be leaving, but I did not know that I would be leaving. You waited a long time to cash that check and so I erroneously assumed you were not going to cash it because I will soon be moving out of the home and renting an apartment in the real world.

Soon I will be back in the jungle with the alpha predators. I fear that if I return my local jurisdictional office of the International Tribunal you will relegate me to the Ambassador Program. Does the Ambassador Club really exist? You see, there is absolutely no way that I can ever win with you. You will never give up. DD will never give up. Thanks to you gentlemen, I don’t go near any unsolicited emails that I receive. It is probably better if I pursue my lifelong dream of joining the Inter-Galactic Meditation Exchange. There may be a jurisdictional conflict and therefore I ask you to please excuse my terrible record of attendance at State Craft Meetings.

Touché on the RV Offer!

Your hilarious offer of providing me with a recreational vehicle to live in was the way you communicated with me. Therefore I need this blog to laugh and say: You really got me with that one! I deserved your little joke. That would be crazy for me to go back to the beach, living in a RV with another black German shepherd as my only friend. Wait a minute. Tell me a little bit more about this RV. Does it come with a black German shepherd puppy included? Ha ha. There will be neither Nomadland nor luxury of pet ownership in my life anymore.

dharma black german shepherd jumping over fire

Meditating Into Infinity

My intention is live quietly in an apartment and meditate the world into perfect peace and harmony. Now you see why I need to expense this blog. It is the only way I have to talk to my world wide audience of 180 viewers per day to this website. This blog is my digital pulpit as I devote my meditation to healing the pox that has devastated our tortured planet.

Dean Before:
Dean After: