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Tournament of the Disasters

The Tournament of the Masters Was Great . . . In 1933!

Forty years ago someone told me about the Tournament of the Masters in Laguna Beach, California. He said it was fabulous. A “must see” production. It started in 1933 as the Spirit of the Masters and it was probably mind-blowing at the time. When the Tournament of the Masters was the only game in town it was probably fabulous. For forty years I have been fantasizing about the Tournament of the Masters. A few days ago I finally went and I guess I was expecting too much. Most of the show I was nodding off because it was way past my bedtime. The best part of the evening was taking these photographs of works by Nikita Young and other artists.


It is a lot of work to keep blogging. The other day I was talking to someone about business and he told me about his blog that he started but never kept up. I told him that it is very hard work to keep a blog up. Blogs have to be crazy to get any attention. People don’t want to hear about meditation. People want to hear about the darkness. They like to have something to be afraid of. However I do not need a bogey man to be afraid of. Today at breakfast someone sat down and the first words out of his mouth were: “We had another shooting last night.” I did not engage him one little whit and I’m glad nobody else at our table did either. The point is he wanted to talk about something that has no effect on him except for the fear he wants to generate. We are in a gated compound with private security guards. Nobody is going to come into where “we” live and start shooting up old people. Nobody wants you when you are old and that is fine with me. Nobody wants to shoot up a decrepit old geezer. Killers want fresh young tasty meat.

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