trafficking in los angeles


Trafficking in Los Angeles

Gay child trafficking in Los Angeles by registered sex offender John Herriot who sells youth league baseball uniforms in West Hollywood to Mexicans. Herriott calls his outfit the California Men Enjoying Naturism.  This summer CMEN is expanding to San Bernardino, California.  

Times have changed for trafficking in Los Angeles today. Times have changed for the legal services profession in every location and category. The great recession has trimmed the fat off of the legal profession world wide. The huge law firms that once retained large yearly numbers of temporary paralegals in Los Angeles are no longer hiring. A good paralegal in Los Angeles usually has a job that is more demanding than that of a first year attorney. 

Temporary Paralegal in Los Angeles

There are still some opportunities for the temporary paralegal in Los Angeles. Last Friday I worked for a half-day as a temporary litigation secretary at a small law firm on Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills, CA. Straight family law dictation on an opposition for modification of spousal support. This temporary legal secretary assignment was thorough a legal placement agency. The law firm I worked at did a blend of practice areas of a general neighborhood legal practitioner. The firm handled family law, probate, business and contracts. I prefer to always work through an agency on W-4 and W-2 basis rather than as a 1099 contractor

A Good Paralegal in Los Angeles

One of the major changes brought about by the great recession is that the temporary placement agencies and other middlemen have been eliminated or have had their presence greatly reduced from the legal dollars food chain. You can find law firms and attorneys posting jobs for a paralegal in Los Angeles at $15.00 to $20.00/per hour. You can also find websites such as this one promoting a paralegal in Los Angeles for $25.00/per hour. That’s right my thirty years experience as a paralegal in Los Angeles can be purchased for the incredibly low price of only $25.00/per hour and I will work hard for the money to get your return business. I provide contract civil, probate and family law paralegal services in state and federal courts. I do legal research and writing, drafting of complaints, answers, demurrers and oppositions. My specialty is heavy discovery and propounding and responding to form and special interrogatories, requests for admissions and requests for production of documents. 

My goal is to be the go to paralegal in Los Angeles and it is fast becoming a reality. The LA legal market is on the cusp of a come back here in May of 2015 as I can feel the demand for a paralegal in Los Angeles picking up. A contract paralegal service can provide scaleable solutions to an increase in your litigation work flow. A good paralegal in Los Angeles stays up-to-date on law and technology to facilitate quality work product at the small firm practicing probate, family law and general civil litigation.
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