MENTAL HEALTH: Does Your Life Have Transcendental Meaning?

Transcendental Film School

When I was in undergraduate school at CSUN my film production partner Jon Weindorf used to always say things like: “The goal in life is to rise above the typical clowns.” What my friend was talking about was the transcendental meaning of life. What do I rise to? What am I leaving behind? How am I transcending my mere human existence into the realm of the eternal? Do I rise up and merge with God? What is the transcendental meaning of my life? 

transcend the typical clowns

Transcendental Meditation Resources

When I was seventeen years old I drove from Tujunga to Westwood to buy a book at Dutton’s called: “How to Meditate Without Taking a Transcendental Meditation Class.”

Forty years ago that was one of the few ways of obtaining esoteric information: Buying new releases at independent bookstores. Decades ago the only way to self-evolve was to proactively drive around Los Angeles County going to bookstores and churches. Thank God for the spiritual resources and connections to the Body of Christ available Internet.

Now the online resources for transcendental meditation and other esoteric spiritual subjects are accessible online for free. The Internet was created by life-long learners such as myself for the benefit of other transcendental life-long learners and mentors such as myself. Do you see the patterns here? Rise above the typical clowns in life by practicing a transcendental lifestyle.

transcendental meditation lifestyle

Transformative Blogging

My transformational message is to create your own blog instead of posting on Facebook. That way you can keep all of your posts. This blog is not actually on Facebook. Some of the comments on my Facebook posts state that I am posting pictures of Jesus on Facebook. This page is not actually on Facebook. This page is on You may have found this page on Facebook, however this page is actually hosted on it’s own paid GoDaddy managed WordPress account. The point is that you can create your own website as easily as you post on Facebook. Maybe not a site as intricate and powerful and this one, but there are plenty of free publishing platforms out there like When I post on Facebook I create substance for Facebook when I post here I create substance for myself. That’s the way I wrap it up and own it myself.  

transcendental yogaTransformative Mission Statement

My new mission in life is to be a character healer. Five years ago in Radical Aliveness Core Energetics I set my intention to become a sexual healer and accomplished that with Dr. McDuff and Ann Bradney as my teachers. Now I am going to become a healer of men’s character. I shall embody the qualities of poise and aplomb. I am going back in time and changing my story. I am going into the Sacrament of Holy Confirmation. The ritual of adolescence transforming into adulthood. I missed out on the emotional transformation training requires to bridge these two stages of human development. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.