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WHAT DOES AN ATTORNEY DO IF THE CASE FAILS TO SETTLE? Call a Virtual Trial Preparation Paralegal San Diego to Organize the Litigation File

virtual paralegal san diego online
Virtual Paralegal San Diego


Virtual Trial Preparation Paralegal San Diego


Did your case fail to settle and end up going to trial? Do you need a trial preparation paralegal specialist? I worked as a trial organization paralegal and had the privilege or working alongside attorneys who are trial specialists. Trial attorneys are different from a lot of other attorneys. Trial attorneys are real naturals at solving large complex legal problems.

I learned about organizing exhibits and witness lists for trial. The lesson is: Wait until the trial specialist tells you what he is going to say to the jury. Wait until the trial presentation and story have been outlined before you start numbering joint exhibit lists.

Your attorney trial specialist may have different ideas about what exhibits and witnesses are important. If you are a sole practitioner or small law firm then using a trial specialist and virtual Paralegal San Diego to produce quality litigation work product may be a good solution for your client. 

You don’t have the money to hire a full time employee and you don’t really even want to spend the big bucks for a temporary paralegal through a legal placement agency. I love working through legal placement agencies however those gigs are few and far between these days. When I was a young temporary paralegal I erroneously thought I could temp until the day I died. I was wrong. The legal gravy train has dried up. Now I have to write these blogs to work to get work. I have to prove to attorneys and law firms that I know how to produce quality litigation work product. 


Law and Motion Virtual Paralegal San Diego


A virtual paralegal in Los Angeles can also research and draft oppositions to motions for summary judgment and other dispositive motions. Attorneys often contract with me to prepare the declarations with a hundred exhibits or more that some of these oppositions involve. Last year at this time I was involved in relaying ex parte requests from attorneys to the research attorneys in Santa Monica. My job as a virtual paralegal San Diego is to prepare your pleadings in advance of filing so that everything goes smoothly. Most of the virtual filing and serving that I process is done on the absolute last day possible. All law firms take their filings up to the last minute. Even in the best of white shoe firms of downtown LA with brand names, important pleadings and forms are filed on the last day. 


San Diego Legal Document Assistant


It is also economical to have a virtual LDA prepare and file your divorce court forms. Dissolution of Marriage is a fast and easy business contract with a virtual paralegal San Diego. The $430 San Diego Superior Court divorce petition filing fee is more than the $250 paralegal fee for preparing and processing your divorce petition, response, and default judgment. We also prepare qualified domestic relations orders for $250 per QDRO. Using a virtual paralegal San Diego is a good way to save up money for your children’s college education.

Do you have an uncontested or default divorce that you have been procrastinating about? It is smarter to use a paralegal than to spend a huge amount of money on an divorce attorney. Remember if you have been married for less than a year you can always get your marriage annulled or a summary dissolution of marriage.
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