True Healing From Dr. Paul Shrek Allen, OBGYN

Dya Kaur says she wants healing but Yoga West just took me off of their mailing list.  Dya doesn’t want true healing she wants me to take down my blogs about her.  If she wanted healing she would invite me to her class at Yoga West where we left off.  Unfortunately for everyone she has vilified me beyond the point of being able to authentically offer or provide any such healing she may wish to discuss.  Writing these blogs is my healing!  Dya Kaur probably tried to file criminal and/or civil charges against me just like registered gay child sex offender John Herriot unsuccessfully tried to sue this blog.   I spent the last ten years going through a second “gay adolescence” where I met characters like Mr. Herriot and and Dr. Allen and now I am coming out of the other side of it.  Been there, done that and now I feel like vomiting all the gay shit back out.  Now I am reinventing myself as a celibate heterosexual.  Thank you Dya Kaur, I love you!  

dya kaur
True Healing From Dya Kaur 

Fungus Among Us

An act of divine providence was facilitated by my sexologist Dr. Paul Shrek Allen when I experienced a true healing from athletes foot fungus, jock itch and aberrant promiscuous homosexuality all in the same eighteen month period.   New York Biology Tea Tree Anti-Fungal Body & Foot Wash is the cure and I use it to this day.  $16.95 for a 16 oz. bottle on and worth every penny.  Take some with you to the gay bath house next time and get ready for the miracle to happen!

When Dr. Allen and I were living together in a tiny studio garage conversion apartment at LAX my household chores were the kitchen/bedroom and his were the bathroom.  I gave him the smaller floor space to clean because of his physical limitations.  The good doctor was only semi-ambulatory even back then.  As a result of his inefficient and/or incompetent cleaning and mopping we both developed serious, painful, inflamed jock itch.  My balls were on fire while laying down in bed.  I erroneously believed that my third degree jock itch was from the steam rooms at the Bay Club.  When we parted ways and I went to live on my own my debilitating jock itch fungus went away in about a week of tea tree soap treatment and proper shower and porcelain cleaning. 

Dr. Shrek still has his jock itch because the last time I saw him he was complaining that he was unhappy with his housekeeper and looking for a new one.  Now Shrek knows how I felt back there at LAX. Just thinking about the microbial stew I am now avoiding these days makes me feel heterosexual after my gay sex training with Shrek.  Shrek must be creeping around in a walker with great balls of fire by now! 

dr paul allen md

What Do John McAffee and Paul Allen Have in Common?  Scat

Shrek also cured me of promiscuous bathhouse gay sex with his scatalogical sexual needs.  I could never gratify Dr. Allen’s request to defecate into his mouth.  Reflecting upon this has cured me of gay bathhouse sexuality and facilitated my rebirth as a chaste heterosexual.  I have been scared straight.  I had to take myself out of the deadly microbial party mix.  Thinking about Dr. Allen having homeless people shit in his mouth makes me never want to see him again.  Now I feel clean and pure like Hand Solo from Star Wars.  

Key art for the Showtime documentary GRINGO: THE DANGEROUS LIFE OF JOHN MCAFEE. – Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME- Photo ID: GRINGO_KA_01A.R

Dr. Shrek Allen left his home in Providence, Rhode Island to become a Medicare gynecologist in Biloxi, Mississippi.  He likes to be arm deep in shit and piss.  Later the good doctor moved to Los Angeles where he became an inspector of Medicare day surgical centers.  It was Dr. Shrek’s job to make sure the facilities were sterilized and free of deadly microbes.   Dr. Shrek Allen worked right up until the day he turned seventy-six years old.   He may have missed inspecting the white glove details in a few bathrooms.  The last I saw of the doctor he was in a skilled nursing facility in Inglewood, California where he is happy with his Africans.  Knowing Dr. Paul McDuff Allen, MD he is probably milking the Medicare system for a motorized wheelchair to go along with his Veteran’s Administration CPAP machine.  

Greetings From Inglewatts, California