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Trustee Failure to Lead

Why I Dropped Out of Lodge Masonry

What we are witnessing at the home for decrepit Freemasons is a trustee failure to act on the part of Masonic Homes of California Trustee Jerry Chandler. The reason I dropped out of Lodge Masonry is because I am not adept at political maneuvering. My political social skills were lacking and my character was rough at that time. My predicament was similar to that of Rasputin, the Russian holy man from the country who roughly climbed his way up Romanov politics. Climbing the ladder of Freemasonry is a time consuming proposition that is well suited for politicians. However having seen the error of my ways I have been working on my presentation skills and am becoming more adept at both social and political maneuvering. I am reinventing myself as a political blogger.

Trustee Failure to Act

A few years on I see how Lodge politics work and I am still avoiding personal face-time involvement in Masonic politics because public speaking is not my forte. Now I shall only write about Masonic politics because I have Lou Gehrig’s disease and am retiring as much as possible from public speaking.

The purpose of this blog is to address the failure of Masonic Homes of California Board of Trustee Member Jerry Chandler. A few renegade senior citizens at the Masonic Home at Covina are engaged in inappropriate contact with the California Department of Insurance and it is Trustee Chandler’s job to intervene and bring peace to this turmoil. What we are witnessing here at the home is trustee failure to lead. Trustee Jerry Chandler should lead the way out of this mess or get out of the way.

Trustee Jerry Chandler is also a Resident in the Continuing Care Retirement Community

As a resident of a continuing care retirement community Trustee Jerry Chandler has a special duty to act above and beyond his duties as a Trustee, Chandler is a resident in a CCRC. Chandler needs to grab the bull by the horns. The Trustee needs to make Bill Pappas & Dean Arnell see the light and call off their ill informed contact with the California Department of Insurance.

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Fake People Are The Problem

The problem is you cannot tell these Trump followers Pappas & Arnell anything. If I asked them to use reason they will immediately complain that their rights are being violated. If you wrestle with pigs you are going to get muddy. So in the interest of my health and well being I will just get out of the way and let the lunatics run the home for decrepit Freemasons. I will enjoy paradise on my own and simply blog about it all.

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