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twentig: stunning free WordPress plug-in

Thank you twentig for making this website look good. Yesterday while whirling around in a circle doing Sufi grinds during my yoga practice I tuned into the universe in a big new way. I have been spending so much time doing yoga that I feel myself becoming less rigid. This relaxing and opening up led to changing the theme for this blog. My regular readers may remember how terrible my last home page looked like up until yesterday. My meditation worked a miracle because a few hours later I found twentig while reading my Google news feed. Google knows that I have been looking for something exactly like twentig for years. So I got rid of the primitive free Cenote theme I was using and now amazingly what you are seeing here is done with a free theme and all free plug-ins. Twentig only works with Twenty Twenty.


Google News Feed

It really pays to just let a robot do the work for you. Yesterday while waiting for my room to be turned by housekeeping I made a fabulous discovery while reading my Google news feed. Google selected an article from WordPress Tavern that enabled me to supercharge the default WordPress theme with a Twentig tool box for Twenty Twenty. Last night I used this set-up to add cool new latest post widgets to my old blogs and what you are reading is my first blog written using Twentig.

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A Dream Come True

I have been looking for twentig for years. My paid Divi theme didn’t do what I wanted it to do. Twentig does exactly what I have been dreaming of for a long time. It feels like Christmas knowing that I have these new design tools to work with.

Nice Templates

Now I can create the designs that I have had in my head. Of course I am just mainly copying good looking websites that I have seen.

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This is what it looks like when you open up WordPress templates: Integer enim risus suscipit eu iaculis sed ullamcorper at metus. Venenatis nec convallis magna eu congue velit. Proin varius libero sit amet tortor volutpat diam tincidunt.

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