Exposure vs. Investigation

Undercover Human Trafficking Investigator

Why go through all the work of a real undercover investigation when writing these blogs can finally crack the case of the Mexican gay boy lover club?  Publish the pedophile’s photographs and personal information and let them deal with it. Here in Palm Springs the so-called “gay” people are the problem. The gay criminals of Palm Springs need to be exposed because some of these criminals are already being blackmailed. 

paul schneidrman cruises

Three months ago I Googled John Herriot’s name and discovered that he was an active sexual predator using little league baseball uniforms as part of his child exploitation enterprise. Mr. Herriot also owns and operated gay nudist retreats in California and Tennessee.  Herriot’s business entity known as CMEN operates a yearly gay nudist retreat at Camp Shalom Malibu.

My first thought was to contact the FBI and set up an undercover sting operation of John Herriot’s secret boy lover club. Catching attorneys such as Jeff Calvert brokering human trafficking deals between Mexican irregular immigrants and gay sexual predators could have resulted in lengthy prison sentences. My thought was to secretly videotape Rick Boehle attempting to soft sell pedophilia as a non-sexual leather workshop topic. However setting up a sting would take years. Writing these blogs is much more productive than using the federal criminal court system and undercover investigations. It seems to be more productive to expose the problem than report it to law enforcement.  

paul schneiderman

Undercover Gay Pool Party

Then at a CMEN nude pool party at Paul Schneiderman’s house I got the distinct feeling that I was talking to a lying old man who was really looking for boys being sold by Mr. Herriot.  Now I’m thinking how productive it would have been to contact Immigrations and Customs Enforcement or Homeland Security to set up my own undercover investigation of Herriot, Rick Boehle and Jeff Calvert, Esq.  

Retired middle school teacher Charles Kenyon of Center City, Philadelphia has been a wealth of information about John Herriot’s sordid past.  Most of what I know about Herriot has already been published on this undercover blog. According to Kenyon, Mr. Herriot has recently inherited a substantial sum of money from his late parents estate.  Herriot and Kenyon are looking for a residential property to replace the Chino Hills CMEN party pad. 

paul schneiderman pool party