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UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATOR | Inspector Lysaght Tries to Get A Recovering Alcoholic Drunk

Investigator Provocateur Brian Lysaght, Esq.

In 2014 I celebrated ten years of recovery from my disease of alcoholism by renting my own apartment in fashionable Larchmont, California. When looking for work to pay the rent I met a lot of attorneys. The attorney who almost got me to drink after ten years of sobriety was undercover investigator provocateur Brian Lysaght, Esq. Lysaght invited me to O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica, California because he said he wanted to meet me in person after I had performed some online research for him.

When Brian’s name is Googled it comes up with a photo of him with Irish Ambassador Collins so I figured Lysaght was okay. Ostensibly O’Brien’s was to be a daytime business meeting to discuss further litigation paralegal work that Mr. Lysaght wanted me to perform for him.

brian lysaght, esq. and the highly esteemed ambassador Collins
Brian Lysaght and Ambassador Collins

Spies Always Promise Lucrative Work

There never was any paralegal work. Investigators always promise high paying interesting work to get you into their undercover operation. Lysaght’s promised work was all a ruse to get me inebriated and provoke me into a fight with Mickey the bartender. Mickey the bartender is also an investigator provocateur. I am just now figuring all of this out five years after the fact.

Lysaght Tries to Get Me to Engage a Drunk Woman

My body had just broken out in shingles and I was in immense pain during the whole sordid affair. I felt sad and out of place sitting in a pub during daylight hours. I am eternally awkward when it comes to deciding what non-alcoholic beverage to order when everyone else is drinking booze. Lysaght picked-up on this and he tried to engage me in shit-talking a loud-mouthed woman sitting a few feet away at the bar. At the time I remember thinking how pathetic it was for an attorney to divert our attention to something so irrelevant. Now I see it was all an attempt to engage me in some type of hostile behavior. The loud drunk woman at the bar, her friends, and Mickey the bartender were all probably part of Mr. Lysaght’s undercover operation to get me drunk and violent.

The Bartender Provocateur

I was such a basket case from my shingles pain that I lost my wallet in the booth. I didn’t even discover it until the next day. When I went to O’Brien’s to retrieve my wallet the bartender insulted my mafia style brown leather jacket. I bought it at a thrift store for $4.00 because it was cold and wet outside and I needed a jacket. The bartender was also part of the undercover investigation designed to provoke me into hostile and violent behavior.

david r doan
Former LAPD Deputy Chief David R. Doan and Brian Lysaght are the two highest ranking individuals identified as covert investigators so far.
Desperate for Work

Six months later I was in Philadelphia because I was desperate for work. I had a myocardial infarction that required triple by-pass emergency open heart surgery. The Doan Family Investigator provocateurs, Kojak Columbo, Brett Zebrowski and Brian Lysaght should be helping me in my rehabilitation not hindering with nine going on ten years of undercover harassment.

I need to find out who these two amateur investigator provocateurs are and expose them also.
forrester christiansen lysaght campbell
Carla N. Forrester
Carla Wong Papayans
Carla Forrester
Who are these people who have inserted themselves into my life?
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