david r doan

Investigatory Corruption

If anything happens to me the individuals on this page will know all of the answers. Start at the top with the Head Honcho: Former LAPD Deputy Chief David R. Doan will have the answers to all of your questions. After that send your questions to Brian Lysaght, Esq. because he is also at the top of this investigatory food chain.

Brian Lysaght, Esq.

Mr. Lysaght will know everything and admit nothing.

Brian Lysaght
General Counsel Brian Lysaght, Esq.

This investigator’s opinion is that Chief Doan, Mr. Lysaght and Kojak Columbo set up an entrapment operation that failed.

investigatory negligence
Kojack Columbo at undercover investigator school

Investigatory Skullduggery

Check out the fake wedding of Carine Kowatch and Paul Merritt as Kojak Columbo. Fake kiss from fake people on Facebook. Thank’s to these characters I have deleted most of my Facebook information.

Paul Merritt Christiansen papayanscarine kowatch
The Fake Wedding of Kojack Columbo
bad faith paralegal los angeles

private investigator brett zebrowski
“Mo” vember comes and goes every year with no results from Brett Zebrowski

Brett Zebrowski

Six November’s have come and gone since Brett Zebrowski took this photo for me in 2014. What was supposed to happen in November Mr. Zebrowski? Don’t call on my voice line, please send emails only thank you.

Undercover investigators Carla N. Forrester and Papayans
Undercover investigators pretending to be entomologists
paul merritt
Who Is Paul Merritt?

Who is the investigator known as Paul Merritt really? If I analyse these words and pictures long enough the truth will emerge. His online profile reads like a non-entity, a cardboard character, a mediocre placeholder as excuse for person. Mr. Merritt is some kind of legal-political gadfly engaged in an amateur entrapment operation. Today I am writing a blog to go with this page. My cell phone rings all day long with agents of entrapment trying to persuade me to join the in their nefarious undertakings. Attorney Brian Lysaght even tried to get me to drink alcohol in a pub in Santa Monica. After fifteen years of sobriety I am still working on rehabilitating myself while this cast of characters has been working for ten years to cause my downfall.