Unsuccessful Entrapment

The Unsuccessful Investigatory Attempt at Entrapment by Former Los Angeles Police Department Chief of Robbery/Homicide David R. Doan

lapd chief doan investigatory operation

If there is any doubt as to the cause of my death former LAPD Chief Doan is the head honcho of this covert investigatory operation and he will have all the facts and photographs in his detailed dossier of my high crimes and misdemeanors of the past 62 years. I was just an old desperado trying to support myself as an independent contract gunslinger.

ex lapd chief doan
When Chief Doan interviewed me he used an alias and said he was living in a homeless shelter in downtown LA. I put the whole thing together when I recognized his shoes eight years later when I found this photo for sale in a stock library.
lapd chief doan wife terri
David and Terri Doan represented that they needed a divorce when I met them two times at the International House of Pancakes in Westchester, California down the street from Los Angeles International Airport

Sorry Chief, I Made a Big Mistake

When the Great Recession of 2008 left me stranded without a 9 to 5 job I had to get creative with finding paralegal work. From 2004 to 2008 I spent the $163,000 dollars I made from the sale of my former marital residence on getting sober at the beach. That included a month long spiritual quest in Southeast Asia and a one month trip to Chicago, New York, DC, Philadelphia and the Civil War Battle ground at Antietam in Maryland. It was a mystical experience because I also found Joel S. Goldsmith and Primetime AA. As of this writing I have fifteen years of quality recovery from the infantile neurosis of alcoholism.

Living the life of leisure on Pt. Dume in Malibu, I only worked when people served up the right kind of employment on a silver platter. Then when my money ran out in 2008 I was in perfect synchronization with the depression and became a new member of the working poor. So I moved to Playa del Rey because I erroneously believed that I would still be able to get great paralegal and legal secretarial jobs in the city for substantial wages until I was 90 years old. I was wrong. I was dead wrong.

brian lysaght investigator provocateur
When I had ten years of recovery from alcoholism confidential Informant Brian Lysaght, Esq. tried to get me drunk and crazy at O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica

The biggest mistake of my life was getting a Legal Document Assistant permit from the County of Los Angeles and becoming an independent contract paralegal. It was like beginners luck at gambling. The money was really good at the very beginning only and when it got bad I deluded myself for years that things would always get better next month. I am very sorry I did this and Chief Doan is making me pay for this mistake to this day even though I have not performed any work whatsoever since the Fall of 2015.

undercover investigators facebook
LAPD Chief Doan’s confidential informant/real estate broker Brett Zebrowski of Manhattan Beach, California

I am physically and mentally incapable of working but that does not stop Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief of Homicide/Robbery David Doan and his agents who are still surreptitiously investigating me by using confidential informants. Ten years of poverty and harassment but I finally made it to the old folks home alive. Unbelievably Chief Doan is still holding himself out as a self-ordained law enforcement power elitist. I didn’t want to write this inflammatory expose on Mr. Doan, I would rather write about meditation and yoga and this blog is my only power in life.

confidential informant paul merritt carine kowach
Torrance confidential informant/insurance agent Carine “Kojak” Kowatch and Laguna Beach gay gadfly Paul Merritt “Columbo” Christiansen’s fake Facebook honeymoon

Their tag-team undercover operation was good and it must have cost a lot of money. I wonder who paid for all of that, the LAPD? In 2014 when I was living on Beverly Boulevard in Larchmont, CA the magnitude of their covert operation scared me so bad that I had a heart attack in my sleep. I woke up during my cardiac arrest and made a commitment to myself not to die that day. It was that one rare and lucky night when I was in bed with someone else and that person was able to get me to the ER doors and save my life.

paul merritt private investigators
This is the C.I. that ruined Chief Doan’s operation
paul merritt

GAME OF FEAR | The Government Only Picks On Poor People Who Cannot Fight Back

Politics is a game of fear. If you are a nobody with no money like me you need someway to frighten the power elitists back. Those who do not have the ability to frighten fear mongers like David Doan do not succeed in life. Platitudes about justice, equality and democracy don’t mean anything to the power elites. Only when ruling elites become worried about their own survival do they change direction. Appealing to the rational mind of the powerful is useless because they honestly do not have a need for equality when they hold all the cards. The police, special investigators and other law enforcement industry professionals need to get convictions to justify their existence and let the truth fall where it may. These tactics are all from college level Machiavelli 101. Maybe former LAPD Chief Doan will stop harassing me if I turn up the heat on his ten year-long fruitless investigation of me.

confidential informants
Everybody wants to be a C.I. – I think her name is Karla N. Forrester but only LAPD Chief Doan would know who these two really are
New Name and Number

There is already one asshole named Dean in my new community and therefore I am using my middle name and calling myself D. Keith Maccaddam now. My two-year contract with Verizon wireless ended this month and so I paid my final bill and terminated my service today. My mobile phone will be turned off on September 29, 2019 because I don’t need it, don’t want it, and I simply cannot afford this luxury any longer. At least LAPD Chief Doan and his agents will not be leaving unsolicited paralegal assignments on my cell phone voice mail anymore but that still leaves email and these unsuccessful investigators love email.

fakebook investigators
SEPTEMBER 13, 2019 This is the original content of this page before the revision above: Investigatory Corruption

If anything happens to me the individuals on this page will know all of the answers. Start at the top with the Head Honcho: Former LAPD Deputy Chief David R. Doan will have the answers to all of your questions. After that send your questions to Brian Lysaght, Esq. because he is also at the top of this investigatory food chain.

Brian Lysaght, Esq.

Mr. Lysaght will know everything and admit nothing.

david r doan
Brian Lysaght
General Counsel Brian Lysaght, Esq.

This investigator’s opinion is that Chief Doan, Mr. Lysaght and Kojak Columbo set up an entrapment operation that failed.

investigatory negligence
Kojack Columbo at undercover investigator school
Investigatory Skullduggery

Check out the fake wedding of Carine Kowatch and Paul Merritt as Kojak Columbo investigatory characters. Fake kiss from fake people on Facebook. Thank’s to these characters I have deleted most of my Facebook information.

Paul Merritt Christiansen papayanscarine kowatch
The Fake Wedding of Kojack Columbo
investigatory operation fake wedding

private investigator brett zebrowski
clandestine investigatory operator brett zebrowski
“Mo” vember comes and goes every year with no results from Brett Zebrowski
Brett Zebrowski

Six November’s have come and gone since Brett Zebrowski took this photo for me in 2014. What was supposed to happen in November Mr. Zebrowski? Don’t call on my voice line, please send emails only thank you.

Undercover investigators Carla N. Forrester and Papayans
clandestine investigatory operation
Undercover investigators pretending to be entomologists
paul merritt clandestine investigatory malfunction
Who Is Paul Merritt?

Who is the investigator known as Paul Merritt really? If I analyse these words and pictures long enough the truth will emerge. His online profile reads like a non-entity, a cardboard character, a mediocre placeholder as excuse for person. Mr. Merritt is some kind of legal-political gadfly engaged in an amateur entrapment operation. Today I am writing a blog to go with this page. My cell phone rings all day long with agents of entrapment trying to persuade me to join the in their nefarious undertakings. Attorney Brian Lysaght even tried to get me to drink alcohol in a pub in Santa Monica. After fifteen years of sobriety I am still working on rehabilitating myself while this cast of characters has been working for ten years to cause my downfall.

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