Herriot’s Law Firm Didn’t Check-Off The Right Boxes On His Complaint Form, Therefore He Couldn’t Carry Them Over to Get An Enforceable Default Judgment

Herriot’s Unenforceable Judgment Was Issued In 2017 With Absolutely No Effect Upon Defendant’s Publishing Activity

John Herriot’s unenforceable judgment does not specify what type of restraint is required or what the civil penalty for unrestrained blogging is. How far is defendant’s publishing restrained? Can defendant publish outside of Riverside County or the State of California? If this judgment was issued in December of 2017 why is still publishing blogs about the child sex trafficking enterprise of John Herriot?

The purpose of this website is to put the public on notice that John Herriot is attempting to subvert the judicial system. Herriot and CMEN are attempting to expand into San Bernardino County and no unenforceable judgment is going to stop that. Herriot’s worthless civil default judgment is intended to harrass and annoy journalists from reporting on his activities.

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Herriot’s Unenforceable Judgment Is Defective

Herriot’s underlying legal papers are fatally defective. John’s attorney didn’t check-ff the right boxes on the complaint forms when they were initially filed at court in the Spring of 2017. No damage amounts or attorney fees were specified in the complaint and therefore it was ignored by defendant. By intentionally failing to engage Herriot in his defective litigation procedure, defendant comes out a winner. Now the litigious Mr. Herriot needs to start all over again at square one.

Herriot needs to retain competent legal counsel to sue his incompetent attorney Alvin Sherron for legal malpractice. If Mr. Sherron’s office had of properly drafted the original complaint forms and entered damages and attorney fees then Herriot wouldn’t be in the trouble that he is in. As a result of personally serving his unenforceable judgment upon defendant Herriot has unleashed another series of legal blogs about his abuse of the legal process.

Herriot Must Re-File In Federal Court

First, Herriot needs to find a decent defamation lawyer in Los Angeles, not a tax attorney in Palm Springs. Second, Herriot needs to re-file his frivolous lawsuit in United States District Court. Until John Herriot takes the correct action he has no chance of showing his face in public. Herriot will be virtually unable to conduct business because the public will know who he is and what he is all about. Parents and others looking to purchase youth league baseball uniforms will be forewarned because of the efforts of this website.

Now There Really Is a Judgment But There Is Still Not a Restraining Order

This blog did not set out to destroy John Herriot, I set out to clear my name. In 2015 John and Charles Kenyon were misrepresenting that there was a “restraining order” against Dean McAdams. There never was any “restraining order”. Now there really is a default judgement with the words “restrained from publishing and blogging on the Internet” but there is still no “restraining order.” There is no enforceable restraining order or enforceable judgment and there never has been. In other words John Herriot’s default judgment is worthless. This blog is still publishing and nothing has changed except that: Herriot’s child sex trafficking operation has expanded into the mountains of San Bernardino County for the Summer of 2019.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.