DOUBLE INDEMNITY: Maybe I will get killed by a Masonic Homes employee right next to the unhealthful conditions contained in this abandoned trash receptacle.

If I get killed by a Masonic Homes vehicle popping this curb, it just might knock my body all the way back to the trash can! (Note the security camera on the streetlight behind my apartment, normally you would think that the camera would capture this also but it does not because the camera is a close-up of my window)
unhealthful conditions masonic homes
In the background is my apartment door where I exit, in the middle is the curb that a Masonic vehicle often hops over so that I can get knocked into this trash can. You can still see that camera but it cannot see you.


1. Employee A.

We are supposed to be in quarantine but maintenance is still insisting on entering my apartment to give me my newspaper even though I have asked them not to. Management will try to make me leave the home for writing about the unhealthful conditions but I don’t care anymore.

It no longer matter to me if Masonic Homes tries to retaliate against me by evicting me from the MHC for blogging about this. The torment from Employee A is just too great for me to endure in silence. If the home tries to evict me I will fight it as hard as I can. But I can’t just sit here and let Employee A harass me to death.

Somehow it has been caused that the California Department of Social Services ignore my complaints about Employee A. During Easter and Christmas 2020 he was on top of me and I just saw him a few minutes ago. is smothering me with his presence in an effort to provoke me into some kind of violent confrontation. I wonder if Employee A has ever considered if I may be infected with coronavirus? In other words, what if I am the one who is infected and Angel gets sick with COVID-19 from following behind me when I am walking? Employee A would be wise to consider that little scenario. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Right?

One week ago today Employee A was following me around at night with his headlights off instead of maintaining the property. Parts of Employee A on his vehicle with his headlights off are captured on the security camera located behind my apartment. I have requested that MHC preserve this video. My theory is that Employee A is watching me on the security camera monitor located inside the nursing department. When anyone observes me exiting my apartment, Employee A or one of his associates get on their vehicles and follow me with their headlights off. There are many types of unhealthful conditions in abundance at MHC; mental, physical and emotional.

unhealthful conditions masonic homes covina
2. Bro. Mason Employee B

Another of the Masonic Homes employees who harasses me is actually a Brother Mason. When the Home wants to browbeat and shame the Brethren they tell us that we are supposed to “act like Masons.” There is obviously a double standard being applied here. If a Masonic Homes of California employee is a Brother Mason is he not also required to “act like a Mason?”.

unhealthful conditions mhc
3. MHC Maintenance Employee C

Then there is another employee who looks like the Brother Mason who rushed me one day right near the white garbage can. Some Masonic employee, I am not sure, popped the curb at 20 mph and bore down hard upon me. Gave me a heart attack right there next to the unhealthful conditions that have been festering since before I even got here. Masonic Homes will probably say that my intentional homicide was merely employee negligence. Either way, I will be dead. Right?

The paint job in my bathroom is total garbage and it makes me sick