BEYOND LOVE AND HATE: What Color is Your Spiritual Experience?

Spiritual Experience Opens the Gate Beyond Good and Evil

God is a spiritual experience of universal consciousness and not an arbiter of right and wrong. God is either your own immediate spiritual experience in the here and now, or there is not God for your consciousness. God consciousness and Christ consciousness means you have become formless energy. More accurately, God consciousness is your personal spiritual experience as this formless energy. 

God is Not a Special Assignment: God is not a word in a book that special people in special clothes read from in a special voice on special days. Nature is the representative of God. Nature is almost everywhere. There is a lot of nature out in your backyard or at the park but there is not a lot of nature in corporate boardrooms or Wall Street. What color is your nature? 

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the grandfather of American New Thought said that nature is the symbol of the spiritual world.


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When you go out in your backyard or the park to barbeque on this Memorial Day open yourself up to a fuller spiritual experience of the God stuff barbecuing all around you. The trees and the sun represent God more than religion does. Religion is just a vehicle to take you someplace. Religion is a social club, that’s cool, I get it and I need it too.  We all need to hang out someplace cool so that we can see and be seen in our eyeball oriented primate world. Monkeys chattering in trees need good eyesight as they swing from vine to vine searching for that obscure object of desire. 

When I finally attain the coveted object of my soul bending desire will I be happy? Last night I noticed that there is less ice cream left in the container than the amount I have removed and eaten. Eating that bowl of ice cream I ponder the fact that there is less of my life in front of me than there is behind me. My spiritual experience in this little dog and pony show called life has been sharpened into focus by my near death experience from a heart attack. The purpose of this website is to mentor your ultimate destiny as universal formless consciousness from whence you came. Sometime within the next thirty years I will permanently return to this universal formless consciousness. At present I am only there for a few moments every day.

                   The only God you are ever going to find is inside of you.

                                 –Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science


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The Spiritual Experience of Whole Body Meditation

Adding emotion to my daily spiritual experience called meditative mind. Meditation enables me to objectively observe my thoughts and how i engage or disengage them. Meditation also offers me an opportunity for me to objectively observe my emotions and exactly how I engage them. I became aware of how I regress into an infantile anxiety state expecting a parental figure to come and rescue me.

This blog on spiritual experience all came to me in meditation. Go out and meditate in your backyard on this holiday and open yourself up to a fuller spiritual experience of the God stuff swarming all around you and your soul.

Nature is the community of our spiritual experience together. My morning walk is sacred ritual in the desert wilderness communicated to you in this blog. Come walk beside me through the wasteland as we discover spiritual adventures on the bliss path to nirvana. Now I will make us breakfast  . . .