EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE TRAINING: Personal, Circumstantial, and Universal Truth

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You can train your emotional responses to be more intelligent and serve you at your highest level. Kundalini emotional therapist GuruMeher Khalsa proposes a three part theory of truth in his book, Senses of the Soul, Emotional Therapy for Strength, Healing and Guidance.

1.  Personal Truth

Technically, the source and expression of all your neurosis comes from your adherence to your irrational, limited awareness, self-contradicting and egotistical opinions that you call “Reality”. PT is based upon your individual expression of human instinct. Your personality self-validates your actions so you feel good about yourself with little or no regard or concern for your effect upon others or your own future.

Personal truth’s moderate expressions are those things we tell ourselves to rationalize, and thereby excuse, all the bad behaviors we don’t want to change. We each have our own versions of the truth that fit neatly with what we are doing. Can you identify some of your truths without judging them? Do you engage in brow beating or shame making because your parents taught you that is how to obtain self-validation?

2.  Circumstantial Truth three part truth

CT is formulating reality by consensus in the form of your local tribal ideas and ideals during contemporary and temporary time frames. Pop culture, fashion, food, or religious fads often mandate the collective truth. Slogans, tenants and beliefs are created and recited to confirm membership.  This culturally learned reality serves as your tool to give you confidence and a measuring stick of your conduct. Politicians, public relations and psychological operations can easily manipulate reality at the mass hysteria level. 

3.  Universal Truth

Forever and unchanging divine law permeates across time and space therefore not everyone will be receptive to this higher vibrating truth at all times. Religion, spiritual reformers and little new born babies may all start out in UT and then degrade into mediocrity and experience a decline as circumstantial and personal truths take over.

UT transforms everyday life into a mystical experience. When you transcend the limits of ego your reality expands into freedom and no smallness can bind you. You can walk across the snakes in the jungle in a rainstorm while cannibals and headhunters are torturing and raping you.  

Different levels of each truth will be required at different times in different places. PT will save your life when a tiger jumps out at you while you are walking to work through the jungle of life. CT will give you fame and fortune with your local, national and worldwide tribe. UT illuminates your soul.

Using your refined awareness of your own level of emotional intelligence you consciously or unconsciously decide which combination of the three truths you will employ any given moment in order to pursue pleasure or escape pain.