Dear Palm Springs Mayoress Pro Tempest Ginny Foat:

Please allow me to introduce myself.  I am a failed artist forced by circumstance to become a political organizer. My agenda is reunification of Palm Springs with the rule of law. In order to achieve my goals and correct the social injustice caused to our homeland by unlicensed gay architects, I have formed a political party named Neophyte Artists for Zealous Interaction.

Don’t Give That Same Old Song And Dance

President Trumpet said he wants to make America great, not gay!  The people of our technologically superior society deserve driver-less cars that run on time and more living space in downtown Palm Springs. We need a builder. We need a licensed architect not carpetbaggers shearing sheep. We do not want another ten years of incompetent development by neophytes and fraudsters, the skyline is falling in PS now! 

The NAZI party is marshaling for a thousand year reign of stricter controls over unlicensed contractors and architects in San Diego and Riverside counties. Our goal is to rid our great nation of the plague of unlicensed gay elitists terrorizing our belief systems. Every single problem in this great country can be directly traced back to unlicensed politicians and other paid professional homosexual designers and fast-typing pansexual media manipulators.  

unlicensed gay architectWhat is the Real Palm Springs?

Counterfeit architects and fake leather lifestyle merchandising dilute the Palm Springs/Frank Sinatra bullshit brand and may cause confusion among consumers.  Hyperbolic Elvis Presley advertising of fake postmodern rentals creates irreparable financial harm and causes long-term damage to legitimate tax paying citizens.  

If vacationing tourists find out that the mayor and city council of our great city are imposters, the whole real estate scam could blow up bigger than one of those new top-secret electron particle colliders over in Indio. The fallout would be devastating. Think Chernobyl and Fukushima. Think hotter than you’ve ever seen it before. This will not be the kind of fraudulent “hot” real estate market Mr. Roberts wants.

This will be the entire town evaporating in a bombshell of martial law declared by the feds when they get sick and tired of the brazen lawbreakers operating out in the open here in PS. The City needs to take drastic prophylactic measures by ordering JR Roberts to cease and desist from publishing interviews touting his fraudulent “rent Frankie’s pad” advertising copy. Jacking-up the price of short-term vacation rentals in his post-postmodern architectural scam makes the whole town look bad.

The purpose of this article is to persuade you to encourage unlicensed gay Palm Springs Councilperson JR Roberts, aka Jon Reuben Roberts, to comply with the established architectural licensing laws of our great State of California. Rule of Law means that everybody has to obey the same laws, no special handicapping for so-called “gay” people.

jon reuben roberts

Fake People, Fake Words

There is no such thing as gay or straight. Those words have been artificially employed as “fake” semiotics created by pointy headed academics in ivory towers.  Our organization disagrees with this program of media indoctrination by so-called “LGBT” people. These “alphabet people” are really complex to me, I’m not exactly sure what their agenda is. However we shall deal with them when their time also arrives. Our country needs living space for truth and freedom to flourish.  Therefore our party is justified in rallying against this great injustice brought about by Snake Oil salesman and land speculators ubiquitously peddling their pogroms in Palm Springs. 

Palm Springs Councilman JR Roberts

I promise to increase the number of short term vacation rental permits issued and lower the fee to purchase one. 

Unlicensed Gay Politicians Have Ruined Our Resort

Where were you when your predecessor Mayor Sonny Bono passed his hypocritical little law making it illegal for women and men to wear thong bikini’s on Palm Canyon Drive?

Is it the Mayor’s job to keep free-spending college girls from cavorting in the entire desert during Spring Break or only in PS? Your anti-thong bikini laws chased out all the paying customers.  All of those same female aged 17 to 23 demographics are still commercially active in other parts of the desert. Those fun loving girls said: “If PS doesn’t want us we’ll just go to the River or Black Rock and take all our clothes off!” 

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