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Ann Bradney Sexuality Therapist

Would you pay $350 to take a sexuality workshop with unlicensed sex therapist Ann Bradney?  When I first met Ann I didn’t think she was very sexy but I paid $355 to attend her Sexuality Workshop in 2010.  When Ann found out that I was in an intimate homosexual relationship with Dr. Paul Allen, she refunded $350 of my money and said I couldn’t come to the workshop but I could come to her $5.00 Introductory Sexuality Workshop at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore on Melrose Avenue. What are Ann’s qualifications to teach a sexuality workshop?  Has she been in a relationship in the ten years she has been in LA now?  When is the last time Ann Bradney had sex with anyone?  Now that I know a little bit about Ann Bradney it seems fraudulent for her to be teaching a sexuality workshop.  Where did she learn about sex, from a book?    

ann bradney unlicensed sex therapist

Radical Aliveness Review

To prepare for Ann’s $5.00 workshop I read Character Analysis by Wilhem Reich and Core Energetics by John Perriakas.  I even read a book by a New York Core Energetics practitioner.  I researched, read, studied and annotated quite a few books and websites.  I transformed myself with my independent study and Ann Bradney’s Community Nights.  Ann’s Bodhi Tree workshops were education and her community nights at her studio in Santa Monica were experiential.  With Dr. Allen as my private tutor and mentor I experienced a profound sexual and emotional healing.  At a Community Night in 2013 I set my intention to become a sexual healer and it has indeed manifested.

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Dr. Allen

The reason for this article is the realization that Dr. Paul Allen, OB/GYN was terminated from Radical Aliveness Core Energetics by an unlicensed therapist.  Ann Bradney is not licensed at anything.  It seems highly suspect and unjust that a medical doctor could be denied admission to a program such as RACE.  RACE is not accredited or licensed by any regulatory agency.  RACE advertises that it solves problems and embraces diversity.  This is not true.  RACE is very discriminatory and exclusionary.  Here is the only readily available photograph of Dr. Paul Allen at a RACE event.

radical unlicensed therapist

Dr. Allen is on the right in a white polo shirt and you can see the reflection glistening off of his huge lower lip even in this low resolution photo from RACE’s Yelp listing.