I have unlimited data with Verizon, unlimited Kundalini yoga classes at Yoga West and so I have decided to write unlimited blogs about taking a Kundalini yoga class every day.  I just paid my unlimited Verizon data bill and that is what leads me to this decision to blog more.


I don’t even know how much I paid for this iPad that I am dictating on right now.  Therefore I am making this investment pay for its self by forcing myself on an intense learning curve.  I’m teaching myself how to dictate one sentence at a time.  Soon  I will increase my productivity by dictating as I increased  my productivity in the past five years by blogging. 

meditative mind

The important thing is to learn quality control right now while I am dictating.  This “one take” dictating is the same thing I learned with my “one take” YouTube videos.  Most of the time required for quality writing is taking the extra time to edit.  Therefore if the writer creates a sentence more perfectly on the first take, that writer will not have to go back and edit as much.  The goal here is to create an unlimited opportunity field for me as a blogger.  Sitting here in Moonstone Park in the King Harbor Marina dictating into my iPad as I gaze upon the ocean, the yachts and the Bay Club is opening my mind to infinite opportunity.


The Kundalini meditation method is to receive from the universe. Prayer is humbly expressing my gratitude to God, and meditation is me humbly listening to God.  From now on I am going to write a blog, or rather, dictate a blog after each and every Kundalini class I take.  I am teaching this iPad how to spell the word Kundalini.  

Right now I’m kind of practicing yoga with my shoulders while I’m dictating this.  The problem is when using the laptop when using a computer my shoulders sag and that creates pain. Yoga has helped me to rebuild my broken computer shoulders.  



By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.