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John Herriot’s Unenforceable Default Judgment Gets Him Nothing

Unrestrained John Herriott Attack for Failure to Check the Correct Boxes

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: It may be illegal to read this unrestrained Herriott article if you are currently located within the jurisdiction of Riverside County, State of California.

John Herriott didn’t check the right boxes on his court forms in Palm Springs. John has had a worthless and unenforceable Riverside County Superior Court Civil Default Judgment against McAdams since December 13, 2017. Herriott’s vexatious summons and complaint were intentionally ignored by defendant because they were fatally flawed. Herriott’s Default Judgment is worthless because it does not get him anything. In the year and a half since entry, no enforcement of judgment has been attempted upon defendant to restrain or enjoin publication of blogs about Megan’s Law registered gay child sex trafficker John Herriot.

LegalNoodle and GoDaddy Should Be Named as Co-Defendants

First of all this litigation should have been filed in federal court. Secondly, and Managed WordPress Hosting are not even named as co-defendants in this malicious lawsuit. How is Herriot going to enforce his worthless judgment? This article is an unrestrained Herriott assault for John’s abuse of the legal process. Herriott obtained a civil judgment that does not get him anything whatsoever. John’s tax attorney Alvin Sherron is in way over his head and far beyond his level of expertise with this nuisance lawsuit.

Attorney Sherron didn’t even ask the court for defendant to pay plaintiff’s $435 filing fee. Most importantly Herriot’s complaint should have requested attorney fees. All competent judgments request filing fee costs and attorney fees. Many lawsuits are only about attorney fees. This worthless piece of paper illustrates how dangerously incompetent Herriot and his minions are:

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Riverside County Jurisdiction

Good thing I don’t live in Riverside County! This judgment may be worth something if I were to have a newspaper or some type of brick and mortar presence in Riverside County, California. However I am burned out on the desert and I do not plan on ever living anywhere near Riverside County ever again. Since I may never even visit the desert again this judgment is virtually worthless. John Herriott has abused the legal process and wasted valuable court resources.

Legal Malpractice

John Herriott should sue his attorney for legal malpractice. Herriott’s complaint was ignored and not answered for just this very reason. The complaint is defective and incompetent. Why waste time and money fighting for nothing? It is very important to pick and choose your battles in life. This vexatious litigation is a complete waste of everybody’s time. The only good thing about John Herriott’s default judgment against Dean McAdams is that it gives defendant something to write about.

This Default Judgment Did Not Require Personal Service Upon Defaulting Defendant

A default judgment does not need to be personally served upon the defaulting defendant. Serving this judgment upon defendant a year and a half after issuance shows how desperate Herriot is. Herriot thought that serving his judgment would stop publication about him. Personally serving the judgment will probably produce a dozen unrestrained and opinionated blogs about John Herriot and California Men Enjoying Naturism.

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