FRANZ KAFKA REDUX: My Entire LDA Business Has Been One Big UPL Entrapment Operation by the California State Bar

I Feel Like Franz Kafka in a UPL Nightmare

UPL: Undercover Prosecuting Lawyers

What do Franz Kafka, Brian Lysaght, and Dean McAdams all have in common? All three are writers with backgrounds in the legal profession.

It appears that my entire legal document assistant business has been one big UPL set-up. I have no way of proving exactly who is feeding me my UPL clients, most of whom appear to be agents of the law in the form of bogus pro per litigants.

I have tried to ask these UPL undercover operatives if I can get out of my predicament. I have since found out that this is a bad idea. If I attempt to talk and reason with the undercover agents they can arrest me for obstruction of justice, tampering with a witness and/or other criminal charges.

My only question is why have they only been leading me on for over five long years with no prosecution?  Why don’t they just come and arrest me or file some type of charges? Surely they have enough information to make a federal prosecution out of me.

I am Dying So Please Just Come and Get Me

I broke out in shingles in April of 2014 and am in constant and extreme pain on the entire right side of my body, arm, hand and leg included. So one year ago, I moved to Pennsylvania to change careers and work in the medical field. On December 26, 2014 I underwent emergency triple by-pass open heart surgery in Philadelphia during Winter Storms Iona and Juno. My health has deteriorated as a result of this undercover sting and the litigation I am involved in over my siblings stealing my 25% of our parents estate that was left to me. 

My hypothesis is that I am being investigated by the California State Bar. Apparently the majority of my LDA clients have been undercover investigators working on a huge sting operation for whatever agency is investigating me. I should have never become an LDA. If the state bar had not been sending me a steady stream of clients I would have gone back to being a law firm paralegal in 2008 instead of plugging away as a LDA. Even most of the attorneys hiring me as a contract paralegal are state bar undercover agents.

The UPL Perp Walk

I can feel the heat upon me like I can feel the record breaking heat and humidity currently cooking LA.  I can feel the set-up for the big media arrest and televised perp walk. I am being set-up like some sort of updated Lee Harvey Oswald in a reality TV show.

I am done with being an LDA. I don’t even want to be a paralegal now that there is no money in it. Now that paralegal pays the same as general office work I cannot motivate myself to work in the stress and high performance demands of litigation. I am burned out on being a litigation paralegal.

I need a break. I need a life. I am literally dying and I am really okay with it now. I have had 58 good years. I never thought I would be able to stop drinking and now I have actually recovered from alcoholism. I found a God that works for me and probably no one else. Five years ago I learned how to love. I am not afraid of jail or death or life.

My only question is why do these unknown agents of the law just feed me the bait money and fraudulent legal work? Are they waiting for me to snap and act out so they can charge me with some type of violent crime? I am not violent and am not even angry. I am just sad and tired. I am sad, sick and tired. What do you guys want? I’ll go to jail if that is what you really want and it will make all of this stop.


I am extremely hungry and the idea comes to me that perhaps I could just starve myself to death. I am not suicidal and I don’t really have that in me. None of my friends or family ever taken their own lives. My spiritual beliefs convince me that suicide is not a good idea. Suicide is just not in my frame of reference. I have been writing about my near death experiences on and arguing against suicide. If I starve myself to death is that suicide?  I think I better eat something right now!

By Dean K. McAdams has been blogging in WordPress since 2008.