House Party’s Are The New Gay Bathhouse

Now that my dick is noticeably larger due to my lateral walking I am tempted to get validated by external means. Sometimes meditating and practicing yoga for self-validation gets old. Oftentimes I think about my recent past and what is right outside my door in Orange County, California.

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It is almost summer and the first “O.C.’s #1 Bear Pool Party” of the year is this Saturday, April 27, 2019 in Santa Ana, California. Too bad that God told me not to go to gay bathhouses or private sex parties anymore or I would be in that dark playroom getting my infantile emotional needs validated. The good news is that my solo tantric sex practice is out of this world!

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In the past my personal validation could be purchased for $10.00 at a gay nude pool party with a sex play room. It is a good thing that I went to sleazy gay sex parties when I was younger because now I don’t have to do that any more. However there are many young men who will need to have an emotionally healthy homosexual experience this weekend.

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VALIDATED PARKING IN REAR| Clothing Optional Gay Pool Party With Sex Playroom This Saturday April 27, 2019 – 12:00 Noon to 6:00 pm| 2738 Olive Lane, Santa Ana, CA 92706

This party will be posted everywhere online that Mark and Greg can find to post it. Therefore it will be crowded, hot and sweaty with testosterone so thick in the air it will make you dizzy. This is an open Craigslist style degenerate affair with no need to RSVP:

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Are You A Voyeur or a Participant In Your Validation?

My Google Analytics tells me that viewers want to get validated by images of men having sex with men. Viewers seem to want small skinny total bottoms getting penetrated by tall dark and handsome total tops. This post is an attempt to give people exactly what they want to see. The only way to deal with your desire is to go out and get exactly what you want in life.

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How Will You Seek Validation In the Moment You Die?

Whatever you are doing in the moment of your death is what you will be doing in for a few more cycles in the eternity matrix. Have gay anal sex in between meditation lessons when you are young. Be careful with homosexuality when you are older because microbes can cause Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Validation Cancelled

A detective in a true crime documentary described the last minutes of a tall beautiful 23 year-old murder victim. “Taunja Bennett went to bars because that’s where she got her personality validated.” Taunja went home with a tall dark and handsome long haul trucker she met in her local bar. After a few drinks at his house he said he wanted to take her to bed and she refused. The trucker became enraged because Taunja’s haughty attitude reminded him of his mother.

WIKIPEDIA – Keith Hunter Jesperson | His first known victim was Taunja Bennett on January 23, 1990, near PortlandOregon, United States. He introduced himself to Bennett at a bar and invited her to the house he was renting. He brought her home with the idea of having sexual intercourse with her, and when Bennett refused, he proceeded to strike and beat her. Worried that she would report this to the police he then ‘put his fist in her mouth’ and killed her. 

As a result of her need to get her personality validated Taunja Bennett became the first victim of The Happy Face Killer’s eight murder spree. Stephanie took a bullet for me. That could have been me getting murdered for making somebody angry that I met in a gay bar.

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Get Your Parking Validated Safely

Going to a gay bar or any bar to get your personality validated is very old school. Bars and nightclubs are excellent places to get killed. If you want sex go online and obtain safe gratification of your homosexual and transsexual desires.

Don’t waste your time meeting barfly’s. Nobody should beat around their bush when they are young. Therefore you should out and get the gay validation you crave while you are still young and strong. Go get what you want while your immune system is still really strong and your personality is hard enough to take it. If you are a total bottom then receive your anal validation from tall dark handsome hairy total tops exactly the way you want and need.

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