The Obscure Object of My Desire

Do You Bring Lasting Value to the Table?

Audrey Hepburn brought value to people’s lives. Does this blog bring value to your life? This blog brings depth and meaning to my life by reminding me to vibrate at the quality of a star. From now on I am only taking the high road.

Attraction lasting value?

Attraction and seduction are the tools of my new reality. The Internet runs on images. The text is secondary to the image. I wonder if anyone even reads the mandatory three hundred words of text written for these bogs. The real purpose of these blogs is to encourage you to become an icon of humanity. Someday soon Facebook will probably offer a video post feature and then these written words will become even less necessary. Does video or text bring more value to your life?

What Would Audrey Do?

Audrey Hepburn said she liked to stay home on the weekends to recharge herself. I find myself living the same kind of lifestyle. Since I work for myself creating community resource intensive web page content I can make my own schedule. Therefore I like to go out during the weekdays when there is more room to move. Last night I found over twenty animated gifs of Audrey.

value girlClever Girl  

Audrey Hepburn never took an acting lesson in here life and won an Academy Award in her first movie when she was twenty-three years old. That is natural talent. I am using my natural talent to create new value for my life. I am changing my speech and behavior patterns. My voice is now softer and more seductive. One of the greatest lessons my sexologist gave me was in softening my persona.

Who Are You? value

Who am i really? Now that I have gratified all of my needs what is left? What happens after sex? I am living a life of prayer and contemplation in the desert discovering the answers to the experiential questions on the purpose of life. The meaning of life is the experience of life and the degree of connectedness we experience. The goal of life is to connect. Connect to God and connect to man.