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Giving Yourself Your Own Birthday Party and Calling it Veteran’s Day is a Gay Bait & Switch Tactic

Fraudulent Veteran’s Day Party

Jeffrey Cowan is not a United States Armed Services Veteran. Jeff Cowan’s friends are not veterans. Jeff Cowan does not like veterans and he makes fun of veteran-type people. This is veteran fraud. This is wrong and it should be prohibited.

Jeff Cowan’s birthday is November 12, 1954 and Veteran’s Day is November 11th. Jeff gave himself a birthday party in 2017 and was informed that it is not cool to give yourself your own birthday soiree. Mr. Cowan needs to be restrained by responsible members of the desert community.

jeffrey r cowan child abuse

Bad Taste

It is extremely perverted to host your own birthday bash. If you give yourself your own birthday party that is like masturbation. That is exactly Jeff’s intention. Jeff Cowan gets a kick out of pissing people off. Jeff is snickering and uttering in a Beavis and Butthead voice: “I’m just doing this to piss off veterans”.

social credit score

Do You Receive Fraudulent Social Security Calls?

Do you receive fraudulent Social Security Administration telephone calls trying to rip you off? Those fake social security calls were probably made by Danny Welchhance and Jeff Cowan VOIP. If you are annoyed by senior citizen fraud all Jeff at 610-749-3389 and voice your complaints to crime lover Jeff Cowan.

Jeff’s social credit score was lowered as a penalty for hosting his own birthday party. So now every year on the weekend nearest Veteran’s Day, Cowan intends to give himself a birthday party and deceptively market it as a Veteran’s Day Party with his flyers. This is an obvious case of Veteran Fraud. Are you going to allow this unpatriotic conduct to continue?

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Veteran Fraud Affects Our Country’s Security

Veteran fraud undermines the ability of the United States military industrial complex to induct quality new recruits. A few good men go to lame gay sex pool parties advertised as veteran’s affairs and the VA gets a bad name. This lack of respect for the white heterosexual American veteran snowballs and soon becomes a shortage of soldiers.

Because of veteran fraud there is currently a serious shortage of jet fighter pilots in the U.S. Air Force. If Jeff Cowan would stop making veteran’s look bad, maybe more decent men would want to become top gun fighter jet pilots. Make America great again by preventing fraudulent Veteran’s Day party’s.

veteran fraud party
Stand Up to Veteran Fraud

Don’t let fraudsters get away with this type of misrepresentation. If you let Jeff Cowan suck one inch of your cock he will want to suck all ten inches. Don’t even let him have a lick because you should kick his ass for this lowering of the social credit scores of all red blooded American fighting men.

Pool Parties Are Not Worth $10.00 When the Resort Down the Street is Only $20

It only costs $20.00 for a day pass to the gay nudist resorts in the desert and you can stay for 24 hours. If it costs $10.00 to go to a private pool party for 6 hours then do the algorithm. If you are already all the way in that gay desert then go to a professionally managed commercial bathhouse resort establishment. You will meet a better class of men and have much better anal sex. Private nude gay sex pool parties are mainly for oral sex and are a great deal in non-gay cities where they are your only option.

Anyway you don’t want to go to Jeff’s dinky little sex party because John Herriot will be there. If you are around John Herriot you will get third degree foot fungus. John Herriot is a registered bisexual trafficker of 14 year-old boys with really bad foot fungus. Call Jeff at his new local Cathedral City land line: 610-749-3389 and voice your complaints about his criminal activities. Just say “no” to foot fungus and just say: “No gay child sex trafficking in Cathedral City, California!”

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