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Yoga City Morning

Vinyasa Flow

Every morning I practice nude vinyasa yoga flow in the steam room and sauna. I am a nudist for health and spiritual reasons. Hatha yoga and Kundalini kriyas are easier for me without the constrictions of clothes. As a result of my religious preference for nudity I am regularly discriminated against.  Smooth seas don’t make a good sailor.

Vinyasa flow

Our existence is defined by the quality of our suffering. I joyfully wear my bathrobe in public more and more these days. I’m doing it for the feeling of comfort and ease of getting in and out of bed. One of my daily goals is to sleep nine hours per day for the next nine months of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level I.

Vinyasa flow

In five minutes of flowing I can heal up my body perfectly when it is piping hot from the steam room. I have steam rooms pretty much to myself until around 5:45 AM or so. When the city curves into the morning everything is washed clean and fresh. Smells great, looks great, tastes even better!


Even Flow

So I’m writing this blog to remind myself to always get to the gym early so I can practice vinyasa flow yoga alone in the steam room before Jeff Blair and the latent muscle boys get there Friday nights at 6:00 pm. Yoga keeps me strong for blogging. I need to whip out this third blog of the day so that I can eat dinner and go find someplace to put air in my tires.


Unknown Caller Flow

My anonymous unknown caller is now flowing with voice over internet protocol. Citizen child sex trafficking investigation is dangerous work. Every pedophile in the citadel wants a piece of me. What does not kill me makes me sleep better at night. 

emotional desire

Megan’s Law registered child copulator John Herriot the little league baseball salesman, Jeff Calvert the San Diego attorney, Jeff Cowan, CPA, the El Camino College accounting instructor and Rick Boehle, gay leather fetish BDSM pedophile instructor are on my list of possible unknown caller suspects.

Jeffrey Robert Cowan is the most likely perpetrator of any anonymous communication you may receive. Cowan  told me that he sent an anonymous letter to Camp Shalom complaining about the gay sex at the CMEN Gatherings.

devotion to god

Jeffrey Cowan is harassing 90 year old Lila at 200 E. Racquet Club and so I am going to expose him for the drooling underhanded revolting parasite that he is.

aa repressed homosexuality