Far more men are victims of violence than women

Violence against women is often perpetrated by men who were themselves victims of violence.

In the post-George Floyd world every special interest group now rushes to the streets to publicly march and demonstrate for their own cause. Singing songs and carrying signs, mostly say hooray for our side. There is definitely a world-wide problem when men with no criminal records will rape and murder a defenseless woman just because the man can. Unfortunately, many men get away with murdering women. Actor Robert Blake and football player O.J. Simpson each got away with murdering their wives. But where does the real problem begin? Violence against women and men is often perpetrated by men who were themselves victims of violence. Far more men are victims of violence than women.

Piñata culture taught me how to be a violent child

When I was four years old I was a victim of violence in East Los Angeles. I was knocked unconscious by a rock thrown by older kids. It happened at a birthday party during the piñata bashing. Children of varying ages were all hyped up with the violence of hitting the piñata with a stick. The tradition is to let the youngest children go to violence first. It was impossible for me to do any damage and I soon tired of watching everyone my age try and hit the piñata. Out of the corner of my eye I notices a ten-year old kid beckoning for me. As I walked over to him and rounded a corner of the house another kid threw a golf ball sized rock at my head and knocked me out cold. I was sucker punched because the older kids were angry that: 1. I had a go at the piñata before them, 2. I was a White stranger in a Mexican neighborhood, and 3. I was small for my age. My parents never took proper care in protecting their children. All of my siblings have also been damaged by violence.

Reprogramming learned violence

Growing up I was subjected to relentless bullying because of my small physical stature. Both of my parents were emotionally violent to each other and their children. My mother was a terrible shit-talker. So guess how I turned out? Only by doing a great deal of work upon myself has my propensity to lash out been healed. It is possible to reprogram violent memories using eye movement desensitizing and reprogramming.

perfect violence

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.