Walking Meditation Realization: I BECAME THE SEXUAL HEALER I SET OUT TO BE

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Walking Meditation in the Desert Morning Sprinkler Mist

It is another windy day in the desert and I am healing my sandblasted sinuses. I am practicing walking meditation in the 6:00 a.m. sprinkler mist at Victoria Park in Palm Springs. My body and mind are relaxed. My sexual consciousness is healing and returning to God. I am feeling like I have burned off most of my sexual karma. The whole gay scene seems so frivolous to me now. Now I just want to be in a meditative state with God. 

Three years ago I set my intention to become a sexual healer. What I really was doing was healing my own sexual consciousness. Ann Bradney and Patricia Haman were my body work teachers who helped me to merge into the body and breathwork healing community. Core Energetics in Santa Monica uses kundalini, Wilhelm Reich and catharsis as a sexual emotional healing modality. Walking meditation connected me to my world wide community this morning. Emotional health all comes down to breathing and meditation. Practicing nude yoga in the desert is my cosmic bliss now. 

There are many different physical postures or asanas and kriyas for meditation. Sitting meditation is only the most well known meditation posture. In my kundalini yoga practice I am meditating and chanting in my mental visualizations. Kundalini, tantra and other esoteric forms of yoga all rely heavily on internal visualization of feminine Shakti energy uniting with masculine Shiva consciousness.

In addition to sitting and walking meditation there is laying down meditation. The purpose of the article is to open your mind to meditation as a way of life. Everything can become a meditation. At my self-proclaimed level of mysticism I should be curing cancer and domestic terrorism with meditation.wn

Spiritual maturity is what I do when the going gets rough. When I am tired and hungry do I make excuses to act like an animal? When I am lonely do I prowl the dark alleys of Hollywood for strange men to entomb me with raw sex? God wakes me up to practicing meditation and I walk right through it. I had to walk through all of my sexual obsession and neediness. I became an emotional vampire in the American sexual night. I cringe in embarrassment at the heinous nature of a lot of gay life. Now I just want to practice all forms of meditation.