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Walking Yoga Reminds Me to Practice God

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Walking Yoga for Healthy Spine

After practicing hatha yoga the spine becomes so healthy and the body so trained that walking yoga comes naturally. Walking yoga originates with a healthy mountain or standing pose. During walking yoga my feet sensually reticulate from heel to big toe. I feel the whole flow of yoga from heel to arch to little toe to big toe during walking yoga.

Walking Yoga in the Desert

My early morning walking yoga in the desert gets my spine ready for a day of nude yoga blogging. Right now I am standing up while typing. Now I will go sit down. Sometimes I sleep on my right side and then I roll over onto my right. When I breath in, I breath out. Every time.

Guru love yoga is my new teacher in life. Reminding me that I know about dogs, dog training and dog behavior. Currently we have house guests with their rescue dog. This same dog threw up in their last Palm Springs hosts swimming pool. The same dog just chewed a hole in my gay Jewish landlord’s patio screen door.  When you make the decision to adopt a rescue dog from the pound you are going to severely limit your ability to travel with a problem dog. Elderly homosexual couple with their dog for affection. How totally gay. And then the owner came crashing through the screen just now as I was outside drinking tea. Owner suddenly needed the wifi code when he was with landlord all night last night. How gay. 

These days I am hanging out with God because you become exactly like who you hang out with. I want emotional and sexual health. A lot of the gay social scene does not resonate with me. I wish women would love me as much as men do. I am grateful to be a pansexual or bisexual or even homosexual because I can get my tactile emotional social needs met. Women my age no longer sexually arouse me.

Yogis and Swamis Don’t Believe Homosexuality Exists

On an energetic level, homosexuality is basically disordered. Just know that when you are out there practicing your so called gay kundalini yoga. Yogis and swamis aren’t really that into any sex, gay or straight. The goal of practice is God not sex. My yoga practice is God practice. 

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