We are all grifters on this miserable and dying planet

There is no need to fear alien invaders from outer space conquering Earth to eat human beings and steal our resources. Aliens may have already decided that Earth is either too dangerous or too worthless for them to bother making contact with us. We have no outsiders to fear on our miserable and dying planet because Earth is being sucked dry from within by human parasites. Man is the real problem because human beings are the quintessential grifters.

America is now the first country to harvest mining samples from an asteroid in outer space. NASA has also recently located water on the dark side of the moon. Elon Musk will be mining on Mars long before any space aliens make it to Earth. In a universal sense we are all just highly skilled grifters who are each exploiting our little piece of the solar system in order to satisfy our own individual needs.

camera employee

Short term confidence artists working the Wall Street hustle go after the fast easy money while the refined and sophisticated long con grifters work their marks for decades before they strike. Most of us are somewhere in-between on the universal grifter scale.

You have to be in some form of gang to survive

My own gang of sophisticated accountants in the Red Hat Lodge fall somewhere in the middle of the confidence spectrum. President Donald J. Trump and his family of well dressed confidence artists are the ultimate long con grifters who pin the needle at 10 on the universal grifter scale. Presidential candidate Joseph Biden and his family are each working their own little hustle however we are not going to worry about Hunter Biden’s laptop right now. The best thing that you, myself, or anyone else can do at this point is to each put our own little crimes against the universe on hold and settle by voting for Biden. We all have to compromise and vote for Joe Biden and throw the long haul grifters out of the White House.

donald trump crowned king of the grifters

VOTE YES ON 22: Make Everyone a Contractor

Now corporations can save money by doing away with employee benefits and using only independent contractors. Passage of Proposition 22 will allow employers to fire all of their employees so they can turn around and hire them using a mobile device application. Do you need a maintenance worker to clean off an outdoor table for you? There’s an app for that!

independent contract grifters
Puritans & Pilgrims Were the Original Grifters

The Pilgrims O.G. ripped off the Indians and the Indians stole it from the coyotes. Coyotes are natural born grifters who took up where the big daddy dinosaur grifters left off. Do you see how the history of grifting leads right to your very doorstep and mine?

28 grifters
“Hello, my name is 28 and I am available to receive your bank deposits now”