John “Anger” Wessman

If It Looks Bad It Probably Is:  Corrupt big box developer John Wessman belligerently stated to fraudulent Councilman JR Roberts in a YouTube video that his doctor told him he was in danger of having a heart attack over the mess in downtown Palm Springs. This video demonstrates the anger and hatred of Mr. Wessman. I don’t just use the word “hatred” because it is a trendy word floating around the zeitgeist. Watch the video and listen to the words. Hear the voice of an unsophisticated angry old white man who hates Palm Springs.

Is He Dressed For His Funeral or Palm Springs Funeral?  This belligerent character is dressed in black. He is wearing a ridiculous black baseball hat and leather jacket. He is angry and belligerent. Where is his official Sonny Bono sanctioned Harley Davidson motorcycle? The man in this video hates Palm Springs. His daughter hates Palm Springs, she said this war is personal. Michael Braun hates Palm Springs, he wants to build a park with no public drinking fountains or free parking.

What is with the grey wool scarf?  No California men wear goddamn scarfs in the fucking desert!  If Wessman had a real gay designer instead of a fake one like JR Roberts, we would not have this problem.  JR Roberts has publicly stated that he trusts the family of the criminal who destroyed Palm Springs. Nobody who has touched this crime scene can be trusted. Everyone’s a suspect or a witness. During the course of any criminal investigation the clean get cleaner and the dirty get dirtier. JR Roberts needs to clean up his deceptive resume on the City of Palm Springs official website before he drags the whole town down into the sewer with John Wessman. 

Heart Attack Prevention

Better to Give Than Receive:  I no longer hang out in downtown Palm Springs because I don’t want to have a heart attack seeing criminals like John Wessman ripping off the desert. I used to go downtown and feel good by not contributing to the Measure J rip off tax. I used to hang out and not spend money.  Then I got tired of the construction.  The I suddenly realized, this is not a fun place to be.  I’m glad I don’t own real property in Palm Springs. I’m glad I didn’t invest my meager retirement portfolio in Palm Springs because I would have had a heart attack. I’ll just rent while crooks like JR Roberts get the other suckers to buy. I’ll laugh my ass off watching everyone else have a heart attack!

Third Class:  The desert has always been about the freedom to be yourself.  I feel like Palm Springs is one big con job. I always saw myself as being retired in the desert like my grandparents. I will probably be spending my retirement in a secret LA County suburb that outsiders like JR Roberts and Rob Moon have never even heard of. So long to second rate con artists in third rate towns, I’ll just go back to LA with the real psychopaths and leave the desert to the snake oil salesman and land speculators. To prevent stressing out my heart I write these blogs and laugh out loud. I keep thinking of my grandparents Reader’s Digest magazine columns: “Laughter is the Best Medicine”.  

Laugh Track:  My mother was right, Palm Springs is all about the money.  Driving home to LA on the way back from the desert she would always instruct my father to stop at Hadleys but never Palm Springs. She would buy us date shakes and bags of dried fruit & nuts at a real highway tourist stand because she said that PS was highway robbery from a fake tourist trap and was to be avoided.  

Downtown PS is kind of stressful and to be avoided these days, I know what Wessman means about the heart thing. Good thing my mom made me take typing class in the 8th grade because good typing relieves almost as much stress as good sex. By writing these blogs I have learned to take the stress off of my heart. Mom gives me life again and she’s been dead for fifteen years!  

Take Down:  I wish my father could read these blogs wherein I tar and feather the crooked lawyers and politicians and ride them out of town on a rail.  I’m laughing my heart back back to health by taking down gay bullshit artists like JR Roberts, Jeff Calvert, Esq. and John Herriot.