west covina boredom

Curing West Covina Boredom

West Covina boredom is almost as bad as driving through West Texas

West Covina boredom is perfecting my anal masturbation technique in much the same way that West Texas boredom cured me of my WalMart phobia. So-called boredom can be a powerful tool of transformation if used properly. I probably am in denial about my boredom because I don’t think I ever get bored. I get creative.

Driving cross-country means driving through the State of Texas. Driving across Texas in 2015 was one of the few times in my life that I have ever been bored just from the landscape while driving. My mind is usually very active and I am never bored while driving, even with no music. Texas changed all of that.

Driving through flat, expansive, endless Texas there is nothing for the eyes to focus on and the mind goes dead. Driving through Texas made me go into a WalMart for the very first time in my life. As a result of my Texas boredom I am no longer self-conscious about venturing into a WalMart store. Texas boredom made me so unafraid of WalMart that I even went into the WalMart in Cathedral City because I didn’t want to die of thirst in the California desert.

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West Covina Boredom Made My Dick Bigger

My morning workout in Gingrich Park includes lateral walking. As a result my penis and prostate gland are now bigger, meatier and robust. As a result of my newfound power over my body, mind, and soul West Covina bordom is giving me the motivation to perfect my anal masturbation technique. Living in West Covina, California is the only place that has ever bored me as a location for an inexpensive apartment. West Covina is so boring I open the door for vacuum cleaner salesmen.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Number Two

West Covina boredom is so intense that I let a second Kirby Vacuum cleaner salesman into my apartment last evening. While he was shampooing my little studio apartment I asked the kid where he hung out and he said Gingrich Park. So then I asked the polite young African gentleman if he enjoyed living in West Covina. The kid gently smiled and said, “There is nothing to do here.” I could feel the boredom from this lackluster West Covina native son. The good news is that I don’t have to purchase my own Kirby vacuum because I get it done for free every six months and it comes with someone to talk to in this vast West Covina wasteland.

Independent Living Excites Me

Esperanza’s job was to get me into independent living and she has failed miserably in her assignment. Now she is privately embarrassing me by telling me that my apartment smells but she doesn’t know what it is. Last week Esperanza publicly humiliated me by making me ask Vicky Baker if I could stay longer at Woodside. Esperanza knows full well that I want to move out of this $1,300 apartment and into my $5,000 independent living facility. I need to be around people.

Esperanza is going to end up getting a really bad review from me when our relationship is terminated someday. Now she is even making me prove that Medical does not pay for my prescription eye glasses. Esperanza shamed me for how I spend my days but she is not doing her own job. Many women are jealous at my ability to get skinny in three weeks and I think Esperanza is just one of them.

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