West Covina Is A Truck Stop on The 60 Freeway

My biggest fear in life is that my death certificate ends up indicating that I died in a place called “West” Covina. If I keel over next door in “Covina” then I would be unhappy but at least I could die in peace. Just call me weird but I have recently had two heart surgeries and I do not wish my death certificate to have the words “West Covina” inscribed upon it. So if I do die in West Covina let this blog serve as my excuse to the aesthetic world as to exactly why my demise ocurred in that sordid location.

Never in my life have I ever even wanted to visit a place called West Covina. I had never even set foot in West Covina, California until a benevolent organization provided me with a domicile at the Woodside Village Apartment Homes on Temple Avenue. Prior to receiving this generous gift of a roof over my head, West Covina was just an anonymous suburb to pass through at 70 miles-an-hour on the 60 Freeway driving between LA and the desert.

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Freedom of the Press

The landlord does not like my blogs about the skunks or plumbing that has fallen into disrepair at Woodside Village. Satellite Management Company is threatening to evict me in retaliation for my blogs complaining about the unsafe conditions.

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Complaining About Unsafe Living Conditions Is Protected Speech

My complaints about the permanently broken Jacuzzi were deleted from Yelp. Democracy dies in darkness. Satellite and their agents must be prevented from desecrating the United States Constitution by trampling upon the rights of the residents of Woodside Village. The skunks must be removed for the safety and hygiene of the residents. Satellite and Woodside knew that I wanted to leave early so they should have just let my lease run out without violating my right to freedom of expression. Let me leave West Covina peacefully like I requested in December 2018 instead of harassing me.

Harassment By Satellite Management Company

Considering I requested early termination of my lease in December 2018 this could be construed as harassment by Satellite and Woodside. Vicky Baker at Woodside knows that I want to go to relocate. Satellite and everyone involved knows that I wanted out of my lease because I need to move. Woodside is engaging in retaliatory eviction to harass, vex and annoy me for exercising my freedom of expression. Retaliatory eviction is illegal in the state of California.

Just Let Me Leave West Covina Peacefully

The purpose of this blog is to put Satellite and Woodside Village on notice of a potential United States District Court action for violation of Civil Rights. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just let me move to Northern California? In addition to my previously stated distaste for West Covina I usually never live in a lower unit so I was doing everyone a great big favor by moving out of my minivan and into this apartment! So please consider just letting me move without requesting court intervention. Let me leave West Covina peacefully.