Selling Alkaline Water Machines | MLM vs. Amazon Affiliate

The success story of Westlake Village Kangen Water Salesman Cruz Castelazo has inspired me to become an Amazon Affiliate.  Abstaining from drinking tap water is very important to your health.  Do not drink tap water because it is really bad for your joints.  When I stopped drinking LA tap water my arthritis and other maladies were healed.  For a time I paid $1.00/per gallon for real Kangen water at Beach Health in Playa del Rey and it was really worth it. 

westlake village kangen water

When I lived in the Westchester Hotel in Culver City an Enagic Kangen Water Salesman next door used to give me gallons of water he filtered in his room and it was excellent water.  After the first few free sample gallons he insisted that I purchase a machine for my hotel room.  You can purchase an Enagic Kangen Water Machine from a multi-level marketing salesman living in a cheap hotel or you can click on the Amazon Affiliate link below. 

I even went to an Enagic sales meeting on Ventura Boulevard with him and the manager of the hotel.  We had a great free dinner with the multi-level marketing sales spiels.  It was a moderately enjoyable evening in the bucolic San Fernando Valley.  However, I would never purchase a Kangen water machine unless I owned a home.  Unfortunately, Enagic salesman won’t take renting as an excuse for not buying a $3,700 home alkaline water machine.  To save consumers from aggressive Enagic salesman I have become an Amazon Affiliate.  My goal is to save you from multi-generations of the Castelazo snake oil dynasty by offering you the generic machine pictured below.  Amazon offers generic versions of everything Enagic makes for less than half the price. 

Westlake Village Kangen Water

Westlake Village Kangen Water Salesman Glenn Castelazo is pimping his kid Cruz in order to kill the competition.  It’s the $2,000 baby stroller mentality.  Look at my cute kid and all the neat tricks he does so you will send us your orders for Kangen Water Machines shipped to Villa Esperanza in Agoura Hills. 

Conejo Valley Kangen Crew

Glenn and Cruz partly finance their operation by pumping web page designers for free information.  Glenn called me up and was asking me about Enagic Kangen Water websites and I explained a few things to him for free.  I knew he was trying to rip me off for free information but I had forgotten about how he ripped me off for $5,000 in an insurance scam way back in 2014.  I had completely forgiven and forgotten until Glen called me out of the blue in January of 2018.  Glen and Cruz Castelazo made me so angry that I decided to become an Amazon Affiliate Kangen Alkaline Water Machine Salesman to compete with MLM snake oil salesmen like the CastelazosI don’t have a cute kid to pimp but if you will just please purchase from these links you can steal food from the mouth of little Cruz Castelazo.

Where Do I Purchase My Drinking Water?

I buy my drinking water in the supermarket in the form of $1.00 gallons of Crystal Geyser.  Occasionally I will add lemon to balance the alkalinity.  I no longer pay $20.00 every ten days at the local alkaline water shop on the boulevard.  Now I drink supermarket bulk water and use tap water for cooking, coffee and tea again.  The most important thing is for me to drink a lot of water every day.  The most important thing is to not drink tap water.   

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Thousand Oaks Sales Spiel

Can you imagine how abused I felt being pitched the Enagic scam by Glen Castelazo?  I already knew the Enagic scam from my neighbor at the Westchester Hotel.  Then Glen calls predending to be asking for free advice about Westlake Village Kangen Water websites.  I already knew that Enagic Kangen water salesmen in Thousand Oaks and the Conejo Valley had to use the Enagic website guidelines.  Glenn knew that but he used websites as a gambit, a ruse, a con artist trick to sell me a Kangen water machine.  So here is my free advice to the Castelazo Conejo Valley Kangen Water Community, click my Amazon links.