What is 12 Step Metaphysical Healing?

What is Primetime AA?

The reason to attend a 12 Step meeting of Primetime Alcoholics Anonymous is not to give long-winded histories of drinking alcohol or using drugs. Everyone at the meeting knows how to get drunk or get high. Intoxication is never the issue. Listening to you talk about your drinking will not assist me in my recovery from my underlying post-traumatic stress disorder and me spinning clever tales about my drinking will not help you in your recovery from your PTSD. The purpose of attending an A.A. meeting is to find God. In the Twelve Steps the word alcohol in only mentioned once while the word God appears five times and the term “Power greater than ourselves” is mentioned once. Generally speaking, all of the addicts problems can be diagnosed as a Second Step problem. Step Two tells us that “The sufferer needs to come to the belief that a Power greater than herself can restore her to sanity.” Primetime Alcoholics Anonymous meetings teach how to experience a metaphysical healing by practicing the timeless spiritual principles contained in the Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions of A.A. Regular A.A. meetings are typically centered around blow-by-blow recitation of drinking histories and blaming external conditions such as your job or your partner. What is Primetime AA? Primetime uses the technique of re-wording the twelve steps into a first person narrative focusing on the mind-body-spirit disease of alcoholism.

Mystical Oneness With God

Primetime is an inner journey. In Primetime we begin with: “I AM Dean, in metaphysical treatment for the disease of alcoholism. I am in spiritual treatment because I am powerless over alcoholism-my life is unmanageable without attaining Oneness with God right here, right now.”

Alcoholics have an infantile ego

A Primetime meeting is more like a spiritual meeting than a regular A.A. meeting because the focus is on a healing of the emotional disconnect between the sick man and his God. Primetime uses the teachings of psychiatrist Harry Tiebout to illustrate the infantile nature of the alcoholic ego. Primetime refrains from making the strict identification that “I am an alcoholic” and prefers to identify that “I am in recovery, or, I am in spiritual treatment for my alcoholism. It’s an Ism, not a Wasim. So forget your tedious story about when, where and how you took your first drink of alcohol. You are not your story and you are not your pain. Though your sins be as scarlet, you are now washed white as snow.

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William Griffith Wilson (November 26, 1895 – January 24, 1971), also known as Bill Wilson or Bill W., was the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).
Primetime A.A. is not just for alcoholics

Oftentimes, non-alcoholic spiritual seekers will attend a Primetime Alcoholics Anonymous meeting because of the metaphysical allure. The best AA meeting begin with twenty minutes of silent meditation. Spiritual practice is not just for alcoholics and addicts. God consciousness is the ultimate destiny of all human beings. Even if you do not believe in God, God believes in you and you will ultimately return to God whether are conscious of it or not. The human being returns to the creator either as carbon dust or Christ consciousness. What is Primetime AA? It is the mystical experience of being One with God, right here, right now.

What my personal secret to my sobriety?

Primetime is not to be used as a big social venue like regular A.A sometimes is. When I was first getting sober at Primetime in North Hollywood, I made a commitment to a member of the opposite sex. We made a pact with each other that we would never use Primetime as our dating service. There can only be one crack head in any relationship. Sometimes I wonder if the main reason that I have been continuously sober since January 21, 2004 is because I only use church or other non-AA organizations as my social outlet for meeting quality people to hang out with. Meeting nice partners is what Al-Anon meetings are for!

Bill and Lois (founder of Al-Anon) Wilson

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.