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What’s In the Box?

whats in the box

What’s Inside the Box?

What’s in the box? Open it up and check it out. Maybe you will find what you are looking for. When I opened up the package of life, I found exactly what I was looking for. Now I am thinking and living outside the box. Now I am thinking about something to blog about and so I will open up the package of life with you.

what's in the box
what's in the box
man in the box
what's in the box

Break out of the box and escape the restrictions of our competitive society. We are an aggressive species on an extremely competitive planet. This blog you are reading is a prime example of man’ competitive nature at work, but whom am I competing against. Myself of course.

what's in the box - a man escaping

Sometimes when I am searching for blog topics I just download a ton of images and then let the images do the talking. One picture is worth a thousand blogs.

What’s in the Plot?

What’s in the production?

what's in the box
what's in the box

What’s In the Blog?

The purpose of this blog is for me to find a different style of writing. I desire my writing to be more relaxed and non-violent.

Have the looters made it to San Dimas, California yet? San Dimas is right next door to me. So if the rioters make it to San Dimas I may be in trouble. I notice that extra private security guards have been deployed at the private resort I am residing at during the current State of Emergency. State of Siege. Nothing will ever be “normal” again. I don’t ever want to go out into the public world again. It is better to be living behind a gate that is manned 24/7 by private security guards. I just want to practice yogic meditation all morning like I just did. Now I have eaten breakfast and will lay down to rest before I do my laundry. So please, don’t wake me up unless the rioters make it all the way to San Dimas.

what's in the box