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Human Registration


Practitioners of Kundalini yoga wear white clothing when registering for the Universe. When you receive your human instruction manual it is easier to read if you are wearing white. Try it, it works really good.

White mind

No Time For Turbans

My head gets too hot in yoga class when I wear a cap or use the hoodie on my sweatshirt, so I always take it off. Wearing a white head covering only feels really good to me if my head is cold. I don’t feel motivated to wear a full on turban, too religious and just more stuff to buy and store. I’m only buying hats that I can wear in public with my bathrobe and slippers.

No Religion

You do not need another religion or guru to reach your final goal as a finished human being. Being human means that you elevate everyone to embody their highest human consciousness. A human being elevates human beingness.

Full lotus rising

More Human Than Human

The only thing to do is just become a calm, emotionally well-adjusted human being. The goal of Kundalini yoga is to make people happy, healthy and whole. Man’s ultimate destiny is to experience himself as God, in God, through God. Yoga uses breathing to facilitate this experience.

White Breathing

Everywhere I go I am the loudest, heaviest breather. A few weeks ago in the steam room in Pacific Palisades some twenty year-olds were laughing at my deep, measured, even breathing. Nobody can deep breath in the steam room like I can. My father taught me the importance of breathing while lifting weights. Your muscles can only grow when you are breathing. Your brain and consciousness can only grow to their fullest potential when you are metabolizing maximum oxygen.

chakra meditation

Over the Edge

One night at a fund raising event in 2010, Patricia Hamon inspired me to become a juicy breather. A few days later I began doing real yoga breathing at my next class with Josie Kramer. I was reading about breathing in Character Analysis by Wilhelm Reich and this pushed me over the edge into becoming a heavy breather. My life has become extraordinary by becoming an extraordinary breather.

sensual breathing practice
Become a deep, juicy breather.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.