Robertson Boulevard

Kundalini Yoga Community

My whole life I have seen the Kundalini yoga community dressed in white on Robertson Boulevard and in a miracle of healing,  now I am one of them!

i ching mystical symbol

For the past three  years I have even been buying white clothes at thrift stores.  I even drive a white Chrysler Town and Country.  I am ready to transform my energy.  When it was time for me to leave the desert, there was nothing left to do except move back to the beach and take Venice Boulevard up to Robertson and walk around in long white flowing Kundalini yoga clothes. This morning was the first time I have ever seen a girl wearing shorts in a Kundalini class. I am going to buy two hundred dollars of white Kundalini yoga community clothes on Amazon.

Kundalini Yoga Community

If you are driving down Robertson, I’ll be the only Kundalini without a beard. Considering that most of the locals are Orthodox Jews, and full beards happen to be in styles  at present, I’ll  probably be the only guy without a beard. My beard is Snow White these days and I don’t want to let the 100 hairs on my head grow long. I really want and need to keep a clean cut image living right on the water with these hardcore beach locals.

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I sometimes wear my bathrobe on the beach at sunrise where Culver Boulevard finally turns into the Boardwalk, bike path, sand, surf and the cold dark Japanese current that makes California beaches really really cold all year round.  I don’t think I want to wear my bathrobe at the Bay Club in King Harbor or hang out with Scragly long bald hairs and a big bushy gray beard image.


Right now I am standing out on the beach watching the sun set into Pacific ocean. I have run to the sun. Run to the sun, son.   Dictating this blog from the Del Rey Lagoon.  This weekend I will take no yoga.   This weekend I will sleep. 

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