What Color is Your Kool-Aid?

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The Right Reverend White Male Singh

Raise a harvest toast with Preacher White Male Singh and the Kundalini Kool-Aid Kids.   If you do not drink the Kool-Aid then you are not one of us. Turn to the person on your left and say, “We dress in white, we’re the good people.”  Now turn to the person on your right and say, “They dress in black, they’re the bad people.”  Raise your class in toast and solemnly swear: “Guru Singh is not a white male because Guru Singh says that he is not a white male!”  Now shut-up and drink the Kool-Aid!

White Hat Mesmerism

Guru White Boy Singh has his sheep-like devotees convinced that he has “relinquished his membership in the white male club.”  This claim by Guru Singh is so laughable that it is amazing his Caucasian male followers sit still for it.   Everyone Caucasian at Yoga West must be a self-hating Caucasian just like Guru Singh Khalsa.  It is surprising that no one from 3HO or Yoga West intervenes to curtail this hate speech.  It is against the law to discriminate against a class of persons.

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Does Guru Singh Really Say He’s Not White?  Did Donald Trump Really Win the Election?

Guru Singh’s white male bashing is so stunningly outlandish that it took me a while to wake-up actually and realize it.  I thought he would come back in a few days and say he was joking.  I was waiting for Guru Singh to laugh and say that he and Dya Kaur were just trying to be funny and they actually approved of my right to exist on the planet.  When this stupendous hate speech continued I cancelled my monthly membership at Yoga West.  It was analogous to the shock of waking up and finding out that Donald Trump had actually been elected President of the United States of America. Does Guru Singh really say that all white males except for him are bad?  Is Donald Trump really President of the United States of America?  Is Guru Singh actually telling a room full of paying yoga students that he is not a big bad white male because he says he is not white?  This is not the way a responsible person speaks in public forget about being an alleged third-generation yogi.  Guru Singhs lineage means nothing except to a bunch of little girls in Beverly Hills looking to stoke-up their manufactured outrage against all white men. These claims are quasi-criminal in nature.  These claims warrant serious investigation and perhaps a federal civil rights lawsuit. 

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The purpose of this website is to call attention to the bait and switch deception of Kundalini yoga.  Kundalini yoga is less about yoga than it is about the Sikh religion, feminism and Guru Singh Khalsa’s hateful white male bashing.  That is okay just label the products as such.    

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.