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Politician in Sheep’s Clothing

Prophet, Politician or Profit Making Peanut Vendor?

Guru Singh is a goofball Kundalini yoga teacher who really wants to be a politician.  The Guru teaches that we are entering the Age of Aquarius in which the patriarchal system will end and women will rule the world.  This is all fine and dandy however it needs to be labeled as such.  Don’t call sexual politics kundalini yoga, that is false advertising.  If you want to be a politician, then advertise yourself as a politician.  If you want to hold yourself out as a prophet, then put up a big sign on the building that says “Prophets” West, not Yoga West.  It would be much better if Guru Singh just put up a big sign that said Profits West.

politician guru singh
“PROFITS WEST”  Profitable Politician Guru Singh

Profits West

Is it hypocritical to wear white turbans and hold yourself out as holier-than-thou if your yoga studio only has cold water and smells stale?  Guru Singh must save a ton of money by not mopping the much ballyhooed bamboo floor at Yoga West.  That floor smells like shit.

21 stages meditation

Age of Aquarius

Bliss is knowing that I never have to go to another yoga class or yoga studio again.  God’s perfection is practicing naked yoga alone in my living room.  The only thing is nude outdoor yoga.  Perfection is nude yoga at the beach. 

nude beach yoga

Free to Be

Politician Guru Singh tried to make me feel as if there is something wrong with the fact that I exist in the universe.  I get that from a lot of people.  My parents were unhappy with my androgynous body and they also tried to make me feel guilty for being skinny.  Guru Singh tried to make me feel small for paying him to be a Kundalini yoga teacher training student at Yoga West.  The efforts of Guru Singh and Adarsh Kaur to prevent me from practicing yoga have failed.  They only slowed me down in one area and increased my speed in another.  Stress free life is never having to go to a yoga studio again. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.